Crowdfunding Clinics coming to you in partnership with Bank of Ireland!

Posted on Friday February 5th 2016

fund it weds crop

Bank of Ireland are partnering with Fund it to host monthly crowdfunding talks throughout Ireland in 2016.

These discussion sessions will aim to give you all you need to know about crowdfunding as an alternative way to unlock funds for a startup or creative idea through engaging with your customers, fans or social media followers.

Andrew Hetherington, Chief Executive of Fund it, will be joined by a previous Project Creator at each talk to give their insights and tips about crowdfunding, the benefits and pit-falls, and what you need to know prepare for your campaign.

When and Where:

Wednesday 10 February, 5.30-7.30pm, Galway (book your free place now)

Wednesday 9 March, 5.30-7.30pm, Limerick

Wednesday 6 April, 5.30-7.30pm, Cork

Wednesday 4 Mary, 5.30-7.30pm, Kilkenny

Wednesday 8 June, 5.30-7.30pm, Sligo

Wednesday 13 July, 5.30-7.30pm, Clare

Wednesday 10 August, 5.30-7.30pm, Kerry

Wednesday 7 September, 5.30-7.30pm, Waterford

Wednesday 5 October, 5.30-7.30pm, Wexford

Wednesday 9 November, 5.30-7.30pm, Dublin

Refreshments will be provided on the evening and all are welcome to attend.
For more information contact us.

Getting Ready – Preparing for your Crowdfunding Success

Posted on Thursday January 28th 2016

collaborate create

The true key to crowdfunding success is Preparation.

Preparing your Network: Before launching your project, you need to build up your network and organise your contacts to be sure that from the minute that clock starts counting down, you have people eager to click that Fund It button!

Preparing your Project: The next step is getting your content together. You want your story to be so compelling that no-one could be left uninspired to join you! You will also need to have fantastic rewards that really drive funders to jump on board, creating a strong community. If you’re looking for pointers, try the Hints & Tips here.

Preparing your Timeline: We are always here to help and we spend time with every Project Creator perfecting their project before it goes live. So remember to factor in time for this when you hit the submit button. One of the most important things to remember is to allow time for delivering rewards. Don’t leave yourself floundering in a rush to deliver tickets, or still with CD packs to deliver 6 months later!

Here’s what a typical timeline looks like:
Preparing Network: Minimum 1 Month
Moderation with Fund it: 2 Weeks
Campaign Duration: 6 Weeks
End of Project and Contacting Funders: 2 Weeks
Preparing Rewards: Minimum 2 Weeks
Total: Minimum 3.5 Months

So get the ball rolling and get your Project started today!

Fund it Wednesdays at Bank of Ireland: How Crowdfunding Could Work for Your Start-Up or Idea

Posted on Monday January 18th 2016


Bank of Ireland are partnering with Fund it, Ireland’s leading crowdfunding site for creative ideas, to host Fund it Wednesdays, monthly talks taking place throughout Ireland in 2016.

These lively discussion sessions will aim to give you all you need to know about Crowdfunding as an alternative way to unlock funds for a startup through engaging with your customers, fans or social media followers.

Andrew Hetherington, Chief Executive of Fund it, will be joined by a previous Project Creator on Fund it to talk about crowdfunding, the benefits and pit-falls, and what you need to know about the domestic and international sites to make a decision on which one is best for you.

The first of these drop-in Workbench Sessions will take place on Wednesday, 27 January, from 5.30-7pm in Bank of Ireland, 1 Grand Canal Square, Docklands, Dublin 2 (map).

Refreshments will be provided on the evening and all our welcome to attend.

For more information contact:
Claire FitzGerald, Fund it

The Top 10 Projects of 2015

Posted on Thursday December 31st 2015

In 2015 almost 8,500 of you jumped onboard and helped bring more art, experiences, literature, education, music, film, joy, enterprise and design into Ireland and the world! Here’s the round-up of the ones you got into the most!

We can’t wait to see what you all get up to in 2016! Happy New Year from the Fund it Team!

A lonely impulse of delightPauline ScanlonDublin Gospel Choir 20th AnniversaryConamara Bog & Sea Week FestivalThe Doggie DoMurmurationsEven Droids Have FriendsScourged - A MemoirLove Documentaries Love Guth GafaBarry Donohue Satori Debut Album

A Step-by-Step Guide to Funding a Project

Posted on Friday December 4th 2015

The design and ease of use of Fund it has always been at the centre of what we do. We tried to make sure Funding a Project would be as easy as pie, but, hey, things can always be easier! So that’s why we’ve made this step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.

1. Creating a Fund it account

Like all websites which take payments, we must capture some basic information to ensure your security, and so Project Creators can deliver your Rewards. If you’re new to Fund it, click the ‘sign up’ link in the top right-hand corner of the page, as you must be logged in to fund a Project.

log in or sign up with mouse

You will be asked for your date of birth to prove you are over 18 years of age – see our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for details. Enter your email address and create a password for your account.

sign up with arrow

You can choose whether you want to receive the Fund it newsletter, then you must agree to Fund it T&Cs and click ‘create my account’.

2. Finding the Project you want to fund

Use the ‘browse projects’ button at the top of any page to find a project you like.

Browse with mouseYou can also choose a Category you’re interested in, or if you have a project in mind, search for it in the Search bar.

3. Start funding

Once you’ve found the Project you want, you can fund it right away by clicking the ‘fund:it’ button under the image…

Browse Fund it with arrow

Or if you want to see all the details, click ‘read more’ and go to the Project page.

Once on the Project page, just click the green ‘fund:it’ button on the left panel under the image or video.

project fund it mouse

4. Choose your Reward

To choose a reward, just click the button beside the amount you want to pledge…

choose reward with mouse

Of if you’d rather pledge a different amount, enter the amount in the ‘define your own amount’ field

define amount with arrow

If you want to support but don’t want a Reward in return, just tick the box.

5. Enter your credit/debit card details

Once you’ve entered your card details, you can choose whether you want your name to show publicly on the Funders page:

card details with mouse

Then you must accept the Fund it Terms & Conditions and click the ‘fund:it’ button to proceed.

6. Confirming your pledge

The next page will show a summary of the pledge you are about to make. You MUST click the ‘fund:it’ button again to complete your pledge.

confirmation with mouse

7. Congratulations!

The green page confirms your pledge – now you can share the Project with your friends on social media and email, to help it reach the target!

Congratulations page

Happy Funding!


Development Update – It’s Live!

Posted on Wednesday December 2nd 2015

We have a new Browse filter on the site called ‘Live’. Now you can see all the projects currently funding to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

So how do you find it?

At the top of any page on Fund it, click the ‘browse projects’ button

browse button


Once there, you’ll see a list of filters, including the new one called ‘Live’.

browse filters

Just click the link, and all the live Projects will appear… it’s that simple!

Happy funding!

Christmas Gifts from Fund it Creators

Posted on Tuesday December 1st 2015

Here’s a list of our top picks from the wealth of creativity in the Fund it community. For something unique, creative and Irish to put under your tree this year, this is your one-stop-shop!

An Obstacle Confusion 

An Obstacle Confusion
Illustrated by Wendy Shea for An Obstacle Confusion

An hilarious book about the infamous Barney McKenna from the Dubliners. A book full of the quirky stories and anecdotes that the late Banjo Barney was famous for – with voluptuous illustrations of characters from his life, including, of course, the Dubliners.

David Monahan Photography 

David Monahan2
Image from On Leaving by David Monahan

David Monahan created a series of portraits of emigrants from Ireland before their departure. With his book, Monahan has stunningly captured a moment in Irish history and lives.

Print Block 

Print Block2
Image from Print Block Makes website

Print Block is a collective of textile designers who create hand-printed textiles and they have just created a gorgeous collection of printed scarves.

Fight Like Apes

fight like apes album
Fight Like Apes album cover by Loreana Rushe

Our top pick for music has to be the critically acclaimed Fight Like Apes self-titled new album. After splitting from their record label, Fight Like Apes turned directly to the fans to fund their most mature album to date.

A Shower of Dubs by Chris Judge

A Shower of Dubs drying 2 auto
A Shower of Dubs by Chris Judge drying on the racks at Damn Fine Print

This fantastic print of characters from Dublin’s Docklands was created by artist & illustrator Christ Judge as a reward for the Docklands Arts Fund projects. You can still get your hands on this limited edition print here. Every print that’s sold adds funds to Ireland’s first Art Fund, which will be dedicated to projects in Dublin’s Docklands.

The Cake Cafe Cook Book 

photo 4
Image courtesy of The Cake Cafe

This gorgeous book is the perfect gift for Christmas, chock full of wonderful, easy bakes! The stunning graphic design on this little book will ensure it’s never on the shelf for long! After the book was launched through Fund it, The Cake Cafe produced a series of kitchen goodies to brighten up the home.

A Lonely Impulse of Delight

A Lonely Impulse of Delight1
Some of the artworks created for A Lonely Impulse of Delight, commissioned by So Fine Art

To celebrate W.B. Yeat’s 150th birthday, So Fine Art commissioned a series of fine art prints from some of Ireland’s leading artists.

My First Book of Irish Animals 

A page from inside My First Book of Irish Animals by Juanita Browne

This is the perfect book for teaching your little ones the wonders of Irish wildlife. From bats to dolphins, they’re bound to have fun trying to spot them!

Would you Marry A Farmer? 

Would You Marry A Farmer
Would You Marry A Farmer? by Lorna Sixsmith

A hilarious book from Lorna Sixsmith on the life and trials of Irish farmarettes! Fund it allowed Lorna to publish this novel which has launched a series of follow-up blogs, interviews, and another book in the series!


Image of SMORGASBOARD courtesy of Richard Kelly

SMORGASBOARD is the ultimate board game for foodies! You can now find the game in shops and restaurants around Ireland and the UK, including throughout John Lewis stores.

Fund it in three-year partnership with Bank of Ireland to support the further development of Ireland’s leading creative crowdfunding platform

Posted on Monday September 28th 2015

Richard Andrew Michelle Dave Ailbhe BOI announce 1

Pictured at the announcement of Bank of Ireland’s three-year partnership with to support the further development of Ireland’s leading creative crowdfunding platform were Richard Kelly co-creator of the boardgame SMORGASBOARD; Andrew Hetherington, Chief Executive of Business to Arts & Co-Founder of Fund it; Michelle Darmody of Cake Café; Dave Tighe, Head of Innovation, Bank of Ireland; and Alibhe McDonagh, cellist with Trio Elatha. Richard, Michelle and Ailbhe have all successfully raised finance for their creative projects on

We’re delighted to announce we will be working with Bank of Ireland to further its support of Ireland’s entrepreneurs and creative sectors, which will in turn support vital ongoing development of was established in 2011 as Ireland’s first crowdfunding website for creative projects that, in its first four and a half years, has successfully hosted approximately 1,200 projects ranging across publishing, film, music, food, events, fashion, science, performance and more.

The investment from Bank of Ireland over the next three years will help us to:

• Invest in and develop the technology of the site, to future-proof for the changes that are taking place in the industry

• Continue to provide the hands-on moderation which has contributed to its success rate of 72% and higher

• Maintain the Irish owned and operated business model, ensuring knowledge, employment and financing remain in Ireland

• Continue to keep costs low for project creators and help support ongoing costs

• Expand the categories available for fundraising to include heritage, enterprise, community and social projects

• Expand its presence internationally and engage with new markets, leveraging the Bank of Ireland’s extensive network

Andrew Hetherington, Chief Executive of Business to Arts and co-founder of said “Bank of Ireland was a founding patron ofBusiness to Arts 27 years ago and we are delighted that the company’s commitment remains strong as both our businesses have evolved. This three-year investment in Fund it will help us to develop the reach of the platform, leverage the assets we have and safeguard the future of a key funding tool for so many communities, artists, and projects in Ireland. We are really looking forward to working with the team in the Bank to support their work with the start-up and entrepreneur communities to create a crowdfunding opportunity to help develop talent in Ireland. The core concepts of crowdfunding are transparency and community engagement, so we’re delighted to be bringing in a new partner to Fund it that already know us well and believes in what we do, to help us support the growth and development of the site.”

David Tighe, Head of Innovation at Bank of Ireland, said “As a leading financial services company in Ireland, we are committed to supporting Ireland’s entrepreneurs and the wider communities we work in and we are looking forward to partnering with Fund it to support their ambitious growth plans. We have an extensive programme of activity ongoing to support entrepreneurs alongside the provision of finance including partnering with the Startup Gathering, a major new national initiative as part of the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs 2015. Taking place from 5-10 October 2015, the event will showcase our vibrant startup sector to an Irish and International audience with events taking place in five cities on the theme ‘Start, Scale, Succeed from Ireland’. Our partnership with Fund it is a significant addition to our ongoing support for startups.”

The partnership was announced today with support from entrepreneurs who have successfully funded projects in the past on the Fund it website, including

• Richard and Maggie Kelly, creators of the board game, SMORGASBOARD who raised €8,750 on the site from 113 people who supported the manufacture of their first games. SMORGASBOARD® is now on the shelves of over 80 stores nationwide including Avoca, Brown Thomas and Eason, and launched last month in 44 John Lewis stores throughout the UK. The game has now sold over 5,000 copies, manufactured at the Hasbro Ireland plant in Waterford.

• Ailbhe McDonagh, cellist with Trio Elatha who crowdfunded their debut album Trasnán on Fund it raising €2,595 from 47 fans. After the CD launch at the Sugar Club in Dublin and the subsequent launch tour of Ireland, it has received airplay on many Irish national radio stations. Trio Elatha, who comprise fiddle, cello and guitar, are going on tour in both Ireland and Switzerland in early 2016, and will use the CD to launch a U.S. tour in 2016/2017.

• Caroline Ryan and Jennifer Phelan, two of the artists who comprise Print Block textile print collective based in Dublin who raised €4,090 from 84 people. In June this year, Print Block Makes launched a range of five limited-edition hand screen-printed wool scarves available online and at Irish Design Shop in Dublin.

• Michelle Darmody of Cake Café raised €3,282 from 145 people who funded the design and first print run of The Cake Café Bake Book. Since the campaign, the book was picked up by Thames & Hudson who distributed it internationally, as far away as Australia. The book won an ICAD Award for its design by Niall Sweeney, and was featured at the Ballymaloe Literary Festival. It’s on its second print run.

We’re developing a critical path of developments which will roll out over the coming three years on

Our Top Picks for Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival 2015

Posted on Friday September 4th 2015

The Fund it community have been great friends and fans of the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival since we launched four years ago. In that time €175,000 has been pledged to 59 Fringe projects! This year marks the 21st birthday of Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival, so for our top picks we’re turning it up to 11!

Oh! What A Lovely Rose!


Smock Alley Theatre, Sep 16 – 19

Remember to Breath


Smock Alley Theatre, Sep 7 – 12



Project Arts Centre, Sep 14 – 19

(Not) Belonging


Samuel Beckett Theatre, Sep 12 – 14

The Windstealers


Smock Alley Theatre, Sep 7 – 13



Smock Alley Theatre, Sep 15 – 19



Smock Alley Theatre, Sep 8 – 13

Harder Faster More


Smock Alley Theatre, Sep 9 – 13

It’s My Party Conference (and I’ll Cry if I Want To)


Smock Alley Theatre, Sep 14



Project Arts Centre, Sep 13 – 14

Stories Through Sound featuring Nina Perry, Crash Ensemble and Adrian Crowley

stories through sound

Spiegeltent in Wolftone Square, Sep 9

We’re extremely excited about this year’s festival and hope you get to see all these and lots more… Now get thee to a box office!

Fund it Turned 4

Posted on Friday June 26th 2015

We want to share this fab illustration that Project Creator and friend, Loreana Rushe, created to celebrate all the fantastic projects achieved through Fund it by our 4th birthday!


We want to say ‘THANK YOU!’ to 55,817 funders who pledged over €3 million to make 760 projects a reality in 4 years!