Posted on Sunday July 31st 2016

Crop Fund it Creator Handbook

Get the details! This extensive handbook has everything you need to know about how to make your Fund it Project a success!

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Hosted Payment Pages

Posted on Thursday September 22nd 2016

Those of you familiar with funding projects on Fund it will notice a change to the process. Today we launched Hosted Payment Pages with Realex Payments. While Fund it has always been fully secure, we are keeping up with the most up-to-date security measures, and remaining fully PCI compliant.

The changes you will see:

1. As part of the change over, we took the opportunity to make the Fund it Button clearer. It now shows as a black ‘fund this project‘ button.


2. You will now be taken to a secure Hosted Payment Page in order to enter your card details, which will be processed by Realex Payments – an Irish company and world-leader in online payment security.

Your payment will still only be processed if and when the project finishes it’s fundraising successfully, and reaches its target.

3. When your pledge is complete, you will now see projects recommended for you so you can find other amazing creative projects to get involved in!


The Fund it Team!

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Funding a Project

Posted on Thursday September 22nd 2016

The design and ease of use of Fund it has always been at the centre of what we do. We tried to make sure Funding a Project would be as easy as pie, but, hey, things can always be easier! So that’s why we’ve made this step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.

1. Creating a Fund it account

Like all websites which take payments, we must capture some basic information to ensure your security, and so Project Creators can deliver your Rewards. If you’re new to Fund it, click the ‘sign up’ link in the top right-hand corner of the page, as you must be logged in to fund a Project.

log in or sign up with mouse

You will be asked for your date of birth to prove you are over 18 years of age – see our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for details. Enter your email address and create a password for your account.

sign up with arrow

You can choose whether you want to receive the Fund it newsletter, then you must agree to Fund it T&Cs and click ‘create my account’.

2. Finding the Project you want to fund

Use the ‘browse projects’ button at the top of any page to find a project you like.

Browse with mouseYou can also choose a Category you’re interested in, or if you have a project in mind, search for it in the Search bar.

3. Start funding

Once you’ve found the Project you want, you can fund it right away by clicking the ‘fund:it’ button under the image…


Or if you want to see all the details, click ‘read more’ and go to the Project page.

Once on the Project page, just click the green ‘fund:it’ button on the left panel under the image or video.


4. Choose your Reward

To choose a reward, just click the button beside the amount you want to pledge…


Of if you’d rather pledge a different amount, enter the amount in the ‘define your own amount’ field

define amount with arrow

If you want to support but don’t want a Reward in return, just tick the box.

You can choose whether to make your pledge public or anonymous, then tick the box to accept Fund it Terms & Conditions.


Click ‘fund this project again’.

5. Confirming your pledge

This page will show a summary of the pledge you are about to make. Click ‘fund this project’ to proceed, or click the ‘edit’ button to make a change.


6. Enter your credit/debit card details

Enter your card details on the secure Hosted Payment Page processed by Realex Payments, and click ‘fund this project’ again.


6. Pledge complete – browse for other projects 

Congratulations! Your pledge is now complete. Check out the other projects recommended for you!


Happy Funding!


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Crowdfunding Clinics coming to you in partnership with Bank of Ireland!

Posted on Tuesday August 16th 2016

fund it weds crop

Bank of Ireland are partnering with Fund it to host monthly crowdfunding talks throughout Ireland in 2016.

These discussion sessions will aim to give you all you need to know about crowdfunding as an alternative way to unlock funds for a startup or creative idea through engaging with your customers, fans or social media followers.

Andrew Hetherington, Chief Executive of Fund it, will be joined by a previous Project Creator at each talk to give their insights and tips about crowdfunding, the benefits and pit-falls, and what you need to know prepare for your campaign.

When and Where:

Wednesday 27 January, 5.30-7.00pm, BOI Workbench, Dublin 2

Wednesday 10 February, 5.30-7.00pm, BOI Workbench, Galway

Wednesday 9 March, 5.00-6.30pm, The Hunt Museum, Limerick

Wednesday 6 April, 5.30-7.30pm, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork

Wednesday 4 May, 5.30-7.00pm, Billy Byrnes Bar, Kilkenny

Wednesday 8 June, 5.30-7.00pm, The Model, Sligo

Thursday 14 July, 5.00-7.00pm, BOI StartLab Galway

Wednesday 5 October, 5.30-7.00pm, Wexford Arts Centre, Wexford

Wednesday 2 November, 6.00-8.00pm, BOI Workbench Dublin 

Refreshments will be provided on the evening and all are welcome to attend.
For more information contact us.

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Your Crowdfunding Toolkit

Posted on Thursday July 14th 2016

Today Bank of Ireland & Fund it are announcing the launch of a series crowdfunding tools extensively discussing all aspects of crowdfunding and how to successfully raise funds through the site.

Here at Fund it, we’re all about helping you succeed at crowdfunding. With our team of professional fundraisers here to help you every step of the way, we’re so much more than just a platform.

Fund it Facts and Community

To help spread our knowledge as far and wide as possible, we decided to create this handy Crowdfunding Toolkit with the headline pointers you need to follow to fund your dreams into reality. We will be releasing an extensive Crowdfunding Manual, with all the details of everything you could ever need to know about how to crowdfund too, which will be available on soon, but download the Toolkit now.

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Announcing Crowdfunding Tools and Tech Developments

Posted on Thursday July 14th 2016

art boi179 Daniel Heaslip, Bank of Ireland, Lesley Tully, Bank of Ireland, Risteard O’Domhnaill, Atlantic, Andrew Hetherington, Fund it

This week, Bank of Ireland & Fund it announced the launch of a series of crowdfunding tools extensively discussing all aspects of crowdfunding and how to successfully raise funds through the site. On July 31st Ireland’s first Irish-specific crowdfunding manual will be released on Fund it. In partnership with Bank of Ireland, the Fund it team have also announced the latest phase of technological developments to the site, enabling faster submission & launch processes for creatives and entrepreneurs.

Over the last 5 years, Fund it has firmly established itself as Ireland’s leading reward-based crowdfunding platform for creative ideas. Having attracted pledges from 66 countries, over 1,300 projects across every county in Ireland have been funded. 65,000 people have successfully funded Irish performances, films, events and projects in music, science, art, fashion, publishing, tech and gaming since the site launched in March 2011.

Fund it is among the most successful reward-based crowdfunding websites globally, with a 71% success rate, and is run by the charity Business to Arts who support creative partnerships between business and the arts in Ireland. Project creators from across the creative industries encourage pledges to their idea by offering rewards linked to their project, and promoting them to their network. By doing this, it not only enables projects to attract financial support but also to build a new connection with their audiences and consumers.

The announcements were made in Galway where to date, 84 projects have successfully raised €362,803. 411 projects outside of Dublin have raised €1,594,562. One of Fund it’s most recent success stories saw Risteard Ó Domhnaill’s documentary Atlantic, narrated by Brendan Gleeson achieve incredible box office success. Over 760 funders pledged €45k to the production of this film and television project. Similarly, Waterford based GIY’s Grow HQ a unique food project raising over €21k.

2016 saw the launch of ‘Fund it Wednesdays’. These lively discussion sessions aim to give insight into all you need to know about crowdfunding as an alternative way to unlock funds for a start-up through engaging with your customers, friends or social media followers. Upcoming sessions include Wexford and Dublin.

1_Shane_Kenna_WeAllWorkTogether_WP_520 Created by Shane Kenna, Keep Sketch

In September 2015, Bank of Ireland announced a three-year investment and partnership with Fund it to further its support of Ireland’s entrepreneurs and creative sectors. This investment has empowered the team at Fund it to invest in and develop the technology of the site, continue to provide hands-on moderation and engage with new markets.

Andrew Hetherington, Chief Executive of Business to Arts and Fund it reflects on this milestone:

“With the announcement of our new technological developments with our partners Bank of Ireland we look forward to offering our users a further enhanced experience. supports Irish projects, both urban & regional, and we are constantly astounded by the innovation and creativity that emerges through various projects from all corners of the country. The newly published manual is a free resource for entrepreneurs and creatives seeking to raise money through crowdfunding”.

Commenting on the launch of Fund it’s new crowdfunding manual & technical developments, Dave Tighe, Head of Innovation, Bank of Ireland said:

“Bank of Ireland and Fund it began this journey less than a year ago. We are delighted to see the additional supports they now have in place with the crowd funding manual which along with the technical developments on their site will no doubt benefit both those who wish to crowd fund but also those who wish to support the campaigns.  Bank of Ireland supports entrepreneurs extensively across Ireland through a number of initiatives and our sponsorship with Fundit will help the next generation of talented professionals to start and succeed in their businesses.”

Fund it have undertaken extensive research of its user activities, and combined it with professional fundraising and crowdfunding expertise to create a comprehensive crowdfunding manual. This manual will also be available through the Business to Arts website.

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Posted on Friday July 8th 2016

FundIt_Facebook-04 Cropped

Want to know more about how to create great Rewards? Here’s all the information you need, plus some great tips and examples!

Do Projects have to have rewards?

Yes. Projects have the highest chance of success when accompanied by a series of considered, desirable rewards. Good rewards reflect the creativity, passion and energy of the project. This can often prove the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project.

What type of rewards should I offer?

A well-designed set of rewards can really help a project on its way to success. Think about the motivation of your funders and build your rewards around this.

Here are some tips for designing your rewards:

· Rewards should be cost effective. Use your skills and available resources to offer rewards that have a high value to funders but little cost to you. These often offer added value goods (e.g. signed copies of books) or experiences (allowing fans to sit in on the bands recording time) as opposed to monetary value.

· Rewards should be deliverable. Plan in advance to make sure you deliver what you promised.

· Rewards should be desirable. While there is an element of goodwill, people want to receive a unique experience or sought-after product.

· You need a range of rewards and we would suggest 5-8 options to get people involved at different levels. The most common reward costs are the €25 and €50 rewards and as such we recommend offering rewards at these levels. A higher average pledge is associated with a higher success rate with the small percentage of more expensive pledges accounting for a large portion of the overall value (as shown below). This stresses the importance of offering attractive rewards at higher price points.

· Some practical advice:

– Make a list of each possible expense for each reward level and come up with a total.
– Be very clear in listing what each reward level entails.
– Including everything from the previous reward level plus something additional is a common approach.
– Not all rewards have to be different amounts. If you want to get many pledges at €60 provide a few packages available to pledges at this cost.

Are there any rewards that I cannot offer?

Rewards cannot be financially incentivised, this basically means no equity-, ownership- or securities-based rewards.

You must provide something more than just a thanks. We feel a thanks should come as a standard with any contribution and therefore does not constitute a reward in its own right.

Other than this, barring anything illegal or offensive, you can be as creative as you please when offering rewards.

Can I put a limit on the number of rewards that I have?

Yes, creative rewards are often only feasible in limited numbers and this is perfectly fine.

Take inspiration from some of these top rewards:

Rewards Image 520

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Fund it is FIVE!

Posted on Tuesday March 22nd 2016


Today, Fund it turns five years old, and we’ve brought some friends over to have a party!

For this year’s milestone celebration, we wanted to think a little harder about the journey we’ve all come on, and why we think Fund it is truly special. Because Fund it exists as a platform for all the wonderful creative minds around Ireland, we usually focus on all the great things that are made possible through their efforts, and don’t tend to bore you with talking about ourselves too much. But with the world of crowdfunding getting ever more populous, we thought a little reflection on why we do what we do was a good place to start as we look back on the past five years.

So we invited the crew from Keep Sketch, a design collective who funded their stationary range through Fund it, to design an image which celebrates what makes Fund it unique…. But they got so carried away, that they just had to make one each!

Here’s five illustrations, from five artists, highlighting the five things that make Fund it who we are today:


1. Shane Kenna


Shane titled this image ‘We All Work Together’ to celebrate that Fund it is based and provides employment in Ireland and has local experts in fundraising and the cultural and creative industries who will work with you to make your project ready for go-live.

Shane Kenna is a Designer / Illustrator, living and working in Dublin, Ireland. His style of illustration focuses on a minimal use of shape and pastel colour. Shane has worked with a wide range of clients, both Irish and international, on a variety of projects including large branding work, editorial, advertising, packaging and web.


2. Dave Comiskey


Dave’s illustration highlights that Fund it is non-profit and so charges a basic fee of 5% to support the running of the site, and 3% to cover the transaction and other costs for processing your pledges. We charge no extra costs per pledge, and no charges are made unless a project reaches its funding targets within the allotted campaign time.

Dave Comiskey draws pictures on the computer, and then colours them in, on the computer.


3. Imogen Oh


Imogen shows that Fund it has one of the highest success rates for reward-based sites anywhere in the world. Our success rate has never dipped below 71%, against larger international comparator sites who range 32-46% success for their campaigns. If you know of a higher success rate for an all or nothing site, let us know!

Imogen Oh is an illustrator and typographer based in Dublin. Working independently since 2013, she has also been a frequent collaborator with designer Shane Kenna. Specialising in digital art and hand lettering, Imogen’s work focuses on flora and fauna, and employs an inherent passion for pattern-making and textile design.


4. Fuchsia MacAree


Our success rate is consolidated by the ‘Moderation’ we provide each project. No project goes live on Fund it without at least one phone conversation with a project creator to talk through the project idea, test the fundability, check the campaign and communications plan and ensure your network is primed and ready to support your idea. We love how Fuchsia captures this collaboration.

Fuchsia MacAree is a freelance illustrator living and working in Dublin. She works on commercial and personal projects, is a member of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland and tutors in Illustration in NCAD.


5. Alex Synge


Alex’s illustration shows that because we’re Irish and based in Ireland, the funds realised for Irish creative ideas stays in Ireland. We know that c. 20% of the funds pledged to Fund it projects is coming from outside Ireland, so we’re genuinely bringing new income to the creative sector.

Alex Synge is a graphic designer and artist based between Dublin and Belfast. He specialises in design for print, web and visual identity for a wide range of clients in the cultural, commercial and academic fields. As an artist, he has exhibited work in Dublin, London, Glasgow, Milan, Skagaströnd, Boston, New York, Chicago and LA. He proudly runs collaborative illustration-project-meets-stationery-company Keep Sketch which he founded in 2010.


All Together Now!


We absolutely love these images from Keep Sketch and we’re so excited to share them with you all.

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to the 65,000 of you who pledged to over 1,300 projects in the past 5 years; and to our friends in Bank of Ireland, who will help us make the next five years even better. Be a part of it and submit your great idea today!

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Pro Tips from February’s ‘Fund it Wednesday’

Posted on Thursday February 18th 2016

Fund it Wed Galway 1A great crowd at Bank of Ireland Workbench in Galway for ‘Fund it Wednesday’ with Filmmaker Richie O’Donnell and Andrew Hetherington, Co-Founder of Fund it

A big thanks to Filmmaker and Fund it Project Creator Richie O’Donnell who joined us in Galway for ‘Fund it Wednesday’ with Bank of Ireland, to share the secrets of his success. Following on from his award-winning documentary ‘The Pipe’, Richie’s latest film ‘Atlantic’ turns the lens on fishermen in Ireland, Norway and Newfoundland, and the management of ocean resources in the North Atlantic.

Richie crowdfunded ‘Atlantic’ through two hugely successful Fund it campaigns which together raised over €40,000! He made crowdfunding part of Atlantic’s story, drawing in funders and supporters who were passionate about the issues explored in the film, which affect ordinary people and communities on both sides of the Atlantic.

Here are some of Richie’s tips for success from the night;

Don’t underestimate the power of traditional media such as local radio, newspapers and television

Richie’s success was rooted in a lot of hard work and planning but he credits the media coverage he secured in helping the campaign to really take off. The project saw a surge in pledges after Richie appeared on Tonight with Vincent Browne, with pledges jumping from €17k to €21k within minutes of the broadcast airing.

The Irish Examiner, Irish Times, The Irish Skipper, Newstalk FM, Radio 1, Today FM and other local stations all covered the story and added to the project’s success

Design Rewards that don’t eat into your funds – utilise your skills and available resources to offer Rewards that have a high value to Funders but cost you little to deliver.

Atlantic’s higher-level Rewards offered Funders interesting, creative and exclusive experiences that were straightforward and inexpensive for Richie and his crew to deliver:

Atlantic Rewards

Keep in contact with your Funders

Your Funders have your back and are actively engaged in making your project a success, they will be the audience, promoters and ambassadors for your campaign and beyond.  Use Activity Updates to keep your supporters engaged, fill them in on what you’ve been up to and let them know what’s up next!

Atlantic premieres at Audi Dublin International Film Festival on 25 February, tickets are available here

Follow updates on Atlantic on Twitter at @AtlanticStream and on the film’s website –

Thanks to everyone who came by Bank of Ireland Workbench on the night, we heard lots of fantastic campaign ideas that we are looking forward to seeing submitted to Fund it in the coming weeks!

 If you missed out on our crowdfunding clinic in Galway last week don’t lose heart! We’ll be touring the country with our partner Bank of Ireland to deliver more ‘Fund it Wednesday’ sessions throughout the year. Full calendar of events HERE.

– Written by Orla Basquille

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Getting Ready – Preparing for your Crowdfunding Success

Posted on Thursday January 28th 2016

collaborate create

The true key to crowdfunding success is Preparation.

Preparing your Network: Before launching your project, you need to build up your network and organise your contacts to be sure that from the minute that clock starts counting down, you have people eager to click that Fund It button!

Preparing your Project: The next step is getting your content together. You want your story to be so compelling that no-one could be left uninspired to join you! You will also need to have fantastic rewards that really drive funders to jump on board, creating a strong community. If you’re looking for pointers, try the Hints & Tips here.

Preparing your Timeline: We are always here to help and we spend time with every Project Creator perfecting their project before it goes live. So remember to factor in time for this when you hit the submit button. One of the most important things to remember is to allow time for delivering rewards. Don’t leave yourself floundering in a rush to deliver tickets, or still with CD packs to deliver 6 months later!

Here’s what a typical timeline looks like:
Preparing Network: Minimum 1 Month
Moderation with Fund it: 2 Weeks
Campaign Duration: 6 Weeks
End of Project and Contacting Funders: 2 Weeks
Preparing Rewards: Minimum 2 Weeks
Total: Minimum 3.5 Months

So get the ball rolling and get your Project started today!

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