A Midsummer Night's Dream

BridgeTalk Theatre | Dublin

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rewards for funding this project:

€5 +

Hermia's Hug: A credit of thanks on our website

€10 +

Puck's Poster Promise: A poster signed by the cast and crew. Postage and packaging included.

€25 +

The Quince: A DVD of the original show. Postage and packaging included.

€50 +

Demetrius' Donation: All the above plus a 'Drunk Tank Productions' t-shirt. Postage and packaging included.

€100 +

Lysander's Luck: All the above plus a selection of framed glossies from a publicity photo shoot, signed with our thanks on the back. Postage and packaging included.

€250 +

Titania's Thankyou: All the above plus a framed copy of original costume designs, signed with our thanks on the back. Postage and packaging included.

€350 +

Oberon's Appreciation: All the above plus a credit as 'funded by X' on the publicity in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and on the website.

€500 +

Fairy Fun Pack: All the above plus a performance of Midsummer in your home/a nearby park (within the dublin area before 14th June)

a project by:
BridgeTalk Theatre

DrunkTank Productions is a newly formed production company based in Dublin. We all met as students in Trinity College Dublin with a passion for theatre.

Rosanna Mallinson is a fourth year Drama student. Originally from London she is a film-maker, animator and Director of DrunkTank. Clancy Flynn is also a fourth year student. Originally from New York, she is a musician, designer and Artistic Director of DrunkTank. Laura Bowler is a second year Drama student. A native Dubliner she is an experienced technician, stage-manager and Production Manager for DrunkTank. Brid Kirby is a fourth year Drama student. Also from Dublin's fair city, she is an experienced producer, director and Production Manager for DrunkTank.
These four, along with a large collective of wonderful actors make up the DrunkTank family, individuals dedicated to exploring means of expression through theatre, film and multi-media performance.

A Midsummer Night's Dream was originally produced in November 2011, in the Samuel Beckett Theatre as part of the Director's Debut Festival. This refreshing and exciting production gave a new twist to the classic Shakespearean Comedy.

We are extremely enthusiastic about bringing our production of A Midsummer Night's Dream to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012. We have secured a slot to perform at Paradise Green in St.Augustines from the 4th-26th of August 2012 and so we need your help.

We are a new company made up completely by students and as such we would be extremely grateful for any contribution made to our project. Your donations would help us pay for venue costs, travel, accommodation, set and props.

Every penny you donate will bring us closer to our goal of bringing a show we love very much to an audience we hope will love it too.

Sincere Thanks,

Rosanna, Laura, Brid and Clancy.