PB4 (Issue 4 of The Poetry Bus Mag)

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PB4 (Issue 4 of The Poetry Bus Mag)
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rewards for funding this project:

€10 +

One precious copy of PB4 with FREE audio CD lovingly prepared packaged and posted to anywhere on the planet.

€12 +

One extremely precious LIMITED EDITION copy of PB4 featuring exclusive BONUS music track AND limited edition artwork lovingly prepared, packaged and posted to your door anywhere on this planet.

€25 +

One extremely precious LIMITED EDITION copy of PB4 featuring exclusive BONUS music track AND limited edition artwork lovingly prepared, packaged and posted to your door anywhere on this planet. PLUS a signed / inscribed copy of 'Jewel' Peadar O'Donoghue's bestselling debut collection from Salmon Poetry.

€35 +

One extremely precious LIMITED EDITION copy of PB4 featuring exclusive BONUS music track AND limited edition artwork lovingly prepared, packaged and posted to your door anywhere on this planet. PLUS a signed / inscribed copy of 'Jewel' Peadar O'Donoghue's bestselling debut collection from Salmon Poetry. PLUS a copy of the last PB2's for sale on the planet (14 left in existence!)

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The Poetry Bus


Update posted on Friday 1st March '13 @ 09:03:47

Thank you for your patience precious funders! PB4 has arrived and is looking magnificent! We are busy burning and attaching CD's and stuffing envelopes and finding addresses and drinking tea with chocolate digestives and your reward will be winging its way to your part of the planet any day now,we hope you LOVE it! We KNOW you will love it!
Yabba Dabba Doo!

Not long now!

Update posted on Thursday 7th February '13 @ 10:02:56

Dear funders, a million thanks not only for your generosity but also for your patience!
PB4 had a wonderful launch at The Space Inside Arts Night in Wicklow sailing club on 5th Feb..Poets Dimitra Xidous, Paul T Dillon, Fiona Bolger, Clodagh O'Brien,Laura Cleary read their poems from the mag and Stuart Wilde performed (with a capital P) his song from the CD.A mighty time was had by all.
The first print run of the mag was faulty so PB4 is back at the printers but should be ready next week. I will post them as soon as I have them!!
Look out for the postman.....Soon!
Best wishes,


Update posted on Thursday 20th December '12 @ 08:12:20

Apologies for the long wait dear funders. PB4 is almost ready to roll, we got the proof copy back from the printers yesterday and a few tweeks are needed before the presses can roar into action. So for now eat drink and be merry, sit back relax and enjoy your Christmas and let's welcome 2013 with the mighty roar of PB4!
130 perfect bound pages will crash-land onto your doormat crammed to bursting point with the energy of amazing eclectic poetry, illustrations, reviews, articles and a cartoon strip, PLUS a scintillating 12 track CD of spoken word and music tracks!
Life may never be the same again!

And now the end is near..

Update posted on Monday 27th August '12 @ 12:08:54

What an epic campaign this has been, and what a mighty response from ALL of you.€2005 pledged in just 2 weeks is incredible and I can't thank you enough.I've started going through the poems now that the target has been met and it is very exciting to see the material taking shape. The illustrations are amazing and the music tracks are wonderful.It is going to be an amazing issue thanks to all the brilliant talented poets, artists and musicians and to you the pledgers for supporting the arts for suppoprting poetry, for supporting this bus and making it all possible! Your reward is coming...soon! Yabba Dabba Doo!
Very best wishes,

46 minutes to go!! Final pledges!

Update posted on Monday 27th August '12 @ 12:08:41

Just in time to thank the final few pledgers! Thanks a million to Anonymous and his/her brother/sister Anonymous, to Brona Cousins (the pledge that reached the target!) to Danielle McLoughlin, Ian Smith, Jane Leonard and Yvonne Culle. THANK YOU!!


Update posted on Saturday 25th August '12 @ 10:08:28

Crossed the finish line today with a day to go! Wow! You have all been amazing by pledging and supporting this project. I can't wait now to see this magazine in print ! A lot of work to be done BUT thanks to you PB4 is going to be created and it's going to be AMAZEBALLS! A huge thanks to each and every one of you.(And the 13 anonymous pledgers, always interesting to discover your true identities!!) Here is the roll of honour!
Alan Murphy

Lane Ashfeldt

John Kenny

Ken Keating

Teresa Elford

Elizabeth Reapy

Sharon Frye

Carol Swanson

Ariel Dawn

Phillip Larrea

Mike Gallagher

Michael Corrigan

Jeremiah O'Malley

Vick Ind


helena willcox

Anne Tannam

Philip Lynch

Louise Phillips

Dale Houstman

brendan mccormack

Jessie Lendennie

Brenda Cusack

john saunders

Aine Finegan

niall o connor

Conor O'Reilly

Cindy Warren

Maurice Devitt

taidgh lynch

Anna Livia Review

Laura Cleary

Tomas O Carthaigh

Brona Cousins

Bertha Rogers

Clodagh O'Brien

PC Vandall

Marybeth Rua

Hilary Wakeman

Evelyn Walsh

Raymond McGovern Jnr

Bamboo Sessions

Stephen James Smith

Eamon Mc Guinness

Alan Garvey

Alison O'Brien

Liz Quirke

Kate Dempsey

Arthur Broomfield

Martin McNicholl

Michael Touhey

Liz Gallagher

Ruth Gallagher

Wurm im apfel

Dimitra Xidous

J F Griffin

Frances Wall

Lance Nizami

David R Morgan

Eileen Connolly

Vivienne Baillie

James O'Sullivan

Elaine Cosgrove

Nessa O'Mahony

Martha Kight

Helene Cardona

Crona Gallagher

karen o'shea

Susan Eisner

Eleanor Hooker

Colm Keegan

Paul Bregazzi

Angela Beese

Alan McMonagle

Triona Walsh

Mike Igoe

Fiona Bolger

Kevin Desmond

Pamela Stott

I can't take much more!

Update posted on Saturday 25th August '12 @ 01:08:07

We are SO close and still not there, but what a fantastic adventure this is! It is going to be a fight to the finish. Two days left and €113 needed. Again a huge thanks to everyone and more thanks to the new pledgers! Anonymous (so many of you with the same name!) Alam McGonagle, Liz Quirke, Brendan McCormac, Anonymous,Anonymous, Colm Keegan, Aine Finegan,Bamboo Sessions, Anonymous, Liz Gallagher, Lance Nizami, Teresa Elford, Frances Wall, Martin Mc Nichol, Evelyn Walsh. THANK YOU! THank YOU!!

Squeaky Bum Time!

Update posted on Thursday 23rd August '12 @ 12:08:33

So it's Squeaky Bum Time as Alex Ferguson says! This one is going down to the wire BUT we've been here before, we are seasoned campaigners, we're gonna hold our nerve and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!!
A million thanks to everyone and extra thanks to new pledgers: Ken Keating, Crona Gallagher, Ruth Gallagher,JF Griffin,Kate Dempsey,Mike Gallagher, John Kenny, Scaldo,Triona Walsh. THANK YOU!
I think 76 pledgers and €1456 in 11 days is a mighty response and just a final push will get us gasping over the line.If you have any family jewels, now might be the time to sell them! Ha Ha!

Five and a half days left €640 left to raise!

Update posted on Monday 20th August '12 @ 10:08:16

It's the best of times, it's the worst of times! Getting closer but time is short! A million thanks to everyone who has shown support by pledging and more thanks to the latest bussers, Clodagh O'Brien, Conor O'Reilly, Martha Kight, Kevin Desmond, Hilary Wakeman, Ariel Dawn, Jeremiah O'Malley,Anonymous, Dimitra Xidous, Eamon McGuinness,Elizabeth Reapy, Teresa Elford, and Mike Igoe. THANK YOU a magnificent response in a short period of time. Fingers crossed now for the next few days, it's still possible!

58% funded 8 days left!!

Update posted on Saturday 18th August '12 @ 02:08:46

Is this bus half full or half empty?! Delighted to be just over half way to the target but still worried, we need €100 per day for the next 8 days. IT CAN BE DONE! IT MUST BE DONE! : )
A million thanks again to everyone and more thanks to our new pledgers, Nessa O'Mahony, Lane Ashfeldt,Paul Bregazzi,Laura Cleary, anonymous, anonymous and anonymous!! THANK YOU!!


Update posted on Thursday 16th August '12 @ 08:08:52

49% of the way to the top of the hill! Can we do it? Huge thanks to new pledgers Susan Eisner, Anna Livia Review, David R Morgan,Elaine Cosgrove, Carol Swanson,Anonymous,Dale Houstman, Angela Beese and Anonymous!! A million thanks to you all!

A few steps nearer, but a LONG way to go!

Update posted on Thursday 16th August '12 @ 01:08:24

Many many thanks to new pledgers James O'Sullivan,Brendan McCormac, Anonymous, Cindy Warren, and Brenda Cusack! THANK YOU!!
The fat lady hasn't sung yet but the fat man (me!) is cracking up!
Tell all you friends, threaten them, beat them up, rob them!

Tough going lads BUT THANK YOU!!

Update posted on Wednesday 15th August '12 @ 08:08:04

A million thanks for the kindnessof Philip Lynch,Phillip Larrea, Arthur Broomfield, Alan Murphy,Anne Tannam,Michael Touhey, Eleanor Hooker,Alison O'Brien and Louise Phillips. THANK YOU!
€663 pledged another €1287 needed eleven days to go! It's gonna be interesting one way or the other!!

And And And!

Update posted on Wednesday 15th August '12 @ 12:08:39

Jessie Lendennie and John Saunders! THank you a million!

Day three €631!

Update posted on Wednesday 15th August '12 @ 12:08:21

A million thanks to new pledgers Karen O'Shea, Stephen James Smith, Helene Wilcox and Helene Cordona!
Doing really well, but restful sleep is till a way off.Back now to nail biting, pacing, weeping, wailing and begging people on the internet!
Ha Ha HaHa!


Update posted on Tuesday 14th August '12 @ 01:08:09

That's a nice looking number on day two!Still sweating though!
More thanks to Fiona Bolger, Sharon Frye, Maurice Devitt, Ray McGovern jnr, Bertha Rogers and Anonymous!! THANK YOU!!

Running up that hill!

Update posted on Tuesday 14th August '12 @ 11:08:41

Great momentum! Gotta keep it going! A milion thanks to latest pledgers Tadgh Lynch,Vivienne Baille Gerritson and Alan Garvey!!
The sun is shining and we're almost a quarter of the way there.It's going to be tough but we're on the move!!

More thanks!

Update posted on Monday 13th August '12 @ 06:08:25

Thanks Nial O'Connor!


Update posted on Monday 13th August '12 @ 06:08:56

The Bus is rolling! Ok we're going uphill but we gotta keep pushing then it can fly down the other side!

A million thanks to those aboard! Michael Corrigan, Wurm Im Apfel,Eileen Connolly,Vick Ind, Pamela Stott,PC Vandal,Tomas O'Cartaigh, Marybeth Rua and Anonympus!