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Art Tunnel Smithfield/ F&S | Dublin

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This project was funded!

rewards for funding this project:

€5 +

Your name gratefully acknowledged on the Art Tunnel facebook and twitter pages as a benefactor.

€10 +

all above + an invite to the private opening reception ( wine & live music…check http://www.facebook.com/arttunnelsmithfield for more details). To be followed by an after-party in the Dice Bar. Profits of drink sales will be going towards the Art Tunnel

€30 +

all above + an invitation to the private opening reception of the Art Tunnel and the opportunity to choose from one of the original drawings, painting or prints exhibited. The artwork features installation proposals for the Art Tunnel produced by emerging artists, renowned artists, art students, architects, landscape architects and members of the community. The work will be signed on the back only and framed so you must choose before you can check! ( check http://www.facebook.com/arttunnelsmithfield for artists taking part)

€60 +

all above + your name (or logo) printed on a plaque at the entrance to the Art Tunnel and on all Art Tunnel publications for two years.

€100 +

all above + an original, hand-drawn, 20cm x 20cm sketch by Clare Breen or Sophie Von Maltzan of the item your contribution bought for the site.

€150 +

all above + a tree dedicated to you marked on the plan at the entrance to the Art Tunnel or: a 2 hour landscape architects consultation by Fieldwork & Strategies or: a 2 hour mural painting session by Clare Breen

€350 +

all above + place your own artwork or 3-d logo on the art platform for the duration of an exhibition (5 months)

a project by:
Art Tunnel Smithfield/ F&S

Fieldwork&Strategies; Art and Landscape Architecture have obtained a 2 year lease on a strip of wasteland along the Luas corridor in Smithfield. The Art Tunnel is currently under construction in this space.

The Art Tunnel will be an outdoor exhibition space for contemporary installation and community art viewed from the Luas and a community garden for the Smithfield area, it will also provide a 100 sq m wildlife area. This artist-led, non-profit project is a new concept in Dublin, we want to access the untapped potential of disused sites; the Art Tunnel will be a pilot scheme, an example of how communities can take action and use vacant spaces to improve the quality of life in our city center.

There will be 2 exhibition areas, to be viewed from the Luas:

The Art Tunnel:
The 30 meter strip between the Entrance and the Art Platform will be used to exhibit contemporary, site-specific art work by artists and (landscape) architects.

The Art Platform:
Provides space for community groups to exhibit. We offer to run workshops aimed at encouraging the community’s awareness of their own neighbourhood. The resulting works will be exhibited in The Platform area of the Art Tunnel. It is a space open to all suggestions from the community for their own projects.

The Art Tunnel is accessible as a community garden to locals who apply as key holders and help maintaining the space.

The site is provided for free by Bargaintown, The Dice Bar sponsored the insurance and substantial repairs to the fence, the Complex painted the fence, the Dublin City Parks Department provided machinery and man hours, they will also donate some plants. Bulmers/ Forbidden Fruits Festival is donating € 5000, they have commissioned street artists to fruiten up the space while the Art Tunnel is being built.

We need another € 4000 to finance the building of the pergola and the setting up of the first 4 exhibitions. Please become a sponsor of the Art Tunnel and join us at our opening party.

Many thanks for your support.