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rewards for funding this project:

€10 +

You will receive a digital download of the film upon its release, and recognition for your support on our social networks.

€25 +

A DVD copy of the film before its release, plus all of the above.

€50 +

An invitation for two to one of our countrywide screenings and debates in Norway, Newfoundland or Ireland, along with all of the above.

€75 +

An invitation for two to one of our countrywide screenings, a signed DVD of ‘Atlantic’ plus a signed DVD of Richie’s previous film ‘The Pipe’.

€100 +

A limited edition ‘Atlantic’ T-shirt available to Fundit backers only (we’re currently working on the design!) plus all of the above.

€150 +

Your name on the credits of the film and a signed photo from the production team, along with a limited edition t-shirt, a signed DVD of 'Atlantic' and 'The Pipe' and an invitation for 2 to one of our countrywide screenings and debates.

€250 +

2 tickets to the premier of the film, a signed movie poster from all of the crew, and a personal phonecall or a cup of coffee with the director Richie O’ Donnell. Included also are t-shirt, signed DVD's and your name on the credits.

€500 +

A group field trip to the west coast of Ireland with the crew and a geologist, in a mission to further your knowledge about fishing, climate change, and how oil was formed on the Atlantic's edge. The day will also include walks and talks both in English and as Gaeilge. You can hang out with the crew, and pick our brains on the film and what lies ahead for communities living along the Atlantic.

€1000 +

A one day documentary master class with Richie. He will fill you in on the industry secrets, basics of camera work and what makes a great story. You will also be a member of the Atlantic team with an associate producer title. You also get to come on the field trip and get all of the other goodies from the previous rewards!

€2500 +

An invitation to accompany the crew members to the premier. Be part of the team and go for a special dinner with the crew afterwards. Along with this have a private screening in your house with your family and friends and a talk and Q&A session with Richie, the director, afterwards. You also get the master class, come on the field trip and get all of the other goodies from the previous rewards!

€10000 +

An all expenses paid trip to the world premier of the film outside of Ireland (keep in mind ‘The Pipe’ premiered in Toronto so we have our sights set high! ). You will also become and integral member of the ‘Atlantic’ team with an executive producer credit on the film, and your name on the DVD. You also get the personal screening and Q&A in their house, the documentary master class, come on the field trip and get all of the other goodies from the previous rewards!

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Risteard O Domhnaill

Tell Us More

‘Atlantic’ is the latest documentary film from the makers of the award winning documentary, ‘The Pipe’. ‘Atlantic’ follows the fortunes of three fishing communities united and divided by the Atlantic ocean, as they struggle to maintain their way of life despite mounting challenges within their own industry and environment, and an increase of oil exploration activities in their fishing grounds. 

On both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, new hydrocarbon frontiers are moving out into deeper water, and further north into the Arctic, pushing the boundaries of risk and technology in the race for the last great oil fields. 

The film will chart the politics of resource management of the North Atlantic; from strong State control in Norway, mixed fortunes in Newfoundland, to a more liberal, privatised system in Ireland. 

 ‘Atlantic’, through the experience of these coastal neighbours, poses the question: who will benefit from the exploitation of these resources, and what the consequences will be for communities and the environment? 

Aims and Objectives

We want to empower local communities and individuals so that they can better contribute to this vital debate. We will soon be launching our new interactive website, ‘The Atlantic Stream’. This is a research and live stream broadcast platform through which people can support ‘Atlantic’, and engage in live and uncensored discussions between people on all sides of the Atlantic. 

Wait, you guys look familiar…

Yes, we’ve been on Fund it before. We ran a campaign in September 2013 for Atlantic (aka ‘On the Horizon’), and thanks to enormous generosity raised just over €12,000. The funds were used for location filming, creating an online and media presence, live streaming debates and discussions around the country and developing our interactive ‘Atlantic Stream’ website.

Since September last year the project has grown much bigger than we anticipated so we’re taking on more crew and shooting lots more on location in Ireland, Newfoundland and Norway after which we will need to go into post production. It’s a big ask but we really need your help once more to get us to the finish line.

What happens once the film is completed?

Our first feature, 'The Pipe' screened at a host of major film festivals worldwide, it won numerous awards and was an instrumental force in informing the Irish people on the real situation up in north Mayo. The plan is to do the same with Atlantic, when it’s completed late 2014.

Final Word

A big THANK YOU for reading this far. We know it’s a lot to take in and we truly appreciate your interest and support. Now, let us gently guide you to the left of your screen, towards our incentives…

Every single cent counts but if you’re not in a position to donate you can still be a big part of the film by spreading the word.