Black Box to Red Carpet Theatre Company

Caroline Montgomery | Dublin

Black Box to Red Carpet Theatre Company
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rewards for funding this project:

€15 +

If you pledge €15 this will entitle you to 1 ticket plus a personal thank you from us in the program to show our gratitude for your support.

€30 +

This will entitle you to two tickets, and you will be an official patron of the B.B.R.C Theatre Company; (As a patron we will keep you up to date with all details of and invites to future events and performances). You will also get a poster and cast photo signed by the cast, as a personalised keepsake.

€40 +

For a pledge of €40, you will receive 2 tickets on top of everything you get for €30 plus 1 complimentary drink per person on arrival to the performance.

€50 +

€50: This gives you everything you get for €40 and in addition an exclusive invite to our Wrap Party on the Saturday night.

€60 +

A pledge of €60 will get you all of the above plus admittance to a special exclusive Q&A panel with the cast at the end of the opening performance on the Wednesday night. Tickets to this event are limited to 58 seats.

€70 +

If you pledge €70, we will give you everything you get for €60 plus an official personal photograph of you with the cast on the night and you will be a VIP patron of B.B.R.C Theatre Company. For this we will give you special advance notice of our future upcoming events and performances, priority bookings and special offers.

a project by:
Caroline Montgomery

Who we are:

Black Box to Red Carpet (B.B.R.C) is a new collaborative venture by a group of emerging actors keen to create new work. We are a mix of ages, genders, nationalities and backgrounds but with one shared passion – acting!

Our mission:

We wanted to be involved in the creative process from the beginning so we began a project to produce our own work. Thus began “Black Box to Red Carpet”. Our group is expanding and we hope to continue collaborating with new actors, production crew, writers and other theatre talent both amateur, professional and somewhere in between. We aim to produce a blend of original and non- original work. For our first production we have chosen a detective mystery play. This show is scheduled to run in February and will officially launch B.B.R.C Theatre Company. After February we plan to hold meetings and writing workshops and develop our own scripts for future productions.

How you can get involved and support Black Box to Red Carpet:

Right now we are in the pre-production stage and busy with rehearsals for our first performance: We are sourcing costumes, props and set design material. The money you help us raise will go towards; payment for the rights of the play, set design, costumes, venue hire, publicity of the production and director's fees. So far, we have gotten the ball rolling by putting in our own money to raise some capital but we need your support. More than financially, we hope to create a community of theatre lovers, people who will want to be a part of our collaboration, and come see or maybe even take part in our upcoming productions as either cast or crew.

Our Debut:

For our first production we have chosen to put on the play Death in High Heels by Richard Harris.

“Behind the glamour and gossip of a 1930s fashion house, secrets and lies are rife and over the course of a curry rabbit lunch, events take a dramatic turn. Now Inspector Charlesworth and Sergeant Wyler have a murder enquiry on their hands!”

The show will run for four nights in February from the 24th – 27th in Bello Bar, Portobello . We envisage this debut production of Death in High Heels to be the first of many. We hope to see many of you there!

To say thanks:

To show how much we value your support we would like to offer you the following rewards, as set out on the left.