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Nothing for a fiver, but thanksamillion!

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A thanksamillion shout out on the Drop Everything website.

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All of the above and even more thanks on our programme.

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All of the above thank yous, plus one of our shit hot limited edition screen printed Drop Everything A2 posters. Perfect for framing and with designs this good who needs a painting in the front room.

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Listed on our site and programme as a friend of Drop Everything. All the thanks and props above with more limited editions – this time a t-shirt designed by one of the participating artists. And it’s all organic, fair trade and fabulous fitting. Unreal.

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Listed on our website and programme as a really good friend. No really. All of the above and signed vinyl from the beautiful Icelandic musician Sóley.

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Listed as major. Yes a major friend of Drop Everything on this one, plus all the above, a Soundwalk Inis Oírr soundscape download and a copy of a once off, printed edition, super sized, Drop Everything photography publication. It will be cool. It will be sexy. You will want it for all sorts of reasons.

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Patron of Drop Everything and listed as such on our site and programme, with all of the above rewards and original photographic print (60x60/A1) from a choice of 5. Get IN!

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THE OMFG I’M LOADED AND I LOVE THE ARTS BUTTON. Official Sponsor of Drop Everything, your logo on our site and programme and if you don’t have a logo one of our creative team will design you one. You also get all of everything and a private plane for you and 6 friends to the island. Into it.

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Drop Everything is a free contemporary cultural event, taking place on Inis Oírr, Aran Islands, May 2012.

What started as a bit of a notion over a pint of Guinness and is now anticipated as the cultural event of the summer, our event Drop Everything has secured a unique national and international line up of creatives and creators from the worlds of art, music, design, fashion and more. And now we need your help to pull it off. No really.

This looks pro because it is pro (cue video) but pro doesn’t mean we have any money behind us. What we do have is some really talented people giving up their time, energy, skills and ideas free of charge because they believe in the event. But that can only take us so far and now we’re asking you to believe in us too and chip in whatever you can to help us fund the production costs. It’s important to us that all the events are free to attend but we need at least €12000 to cover renting venues, equipment (like those really crazy expensive projectors), plus artist materials, accommodation, instruments and installation costs.

Drop Everything will be ‘for the people, by the people’ and if we (and more importantly you and perhaps your rich aunt) can make it happen it will be the first of its kind in Ireland.

Designed to encourage and inspire creative exchange between artists and audience alike, the programme consists of dynamic talks, installations, screenings, concerts, DJ sets and impromptu pop up happenings from a restaurant to an acting workshop.

The line-up includes Irish designer Sorcha O’Raghallaigh, the New York based international sound collective Soundwalk, the rising star from Iceland Sóley and a DJ set from a resident at one of the most renowned clubs on earth, Berlin’s Panorama Bar - and all this on a small island that will literally blow your mind…

Situated on the edge of the Atlantic, Inis Oírr is the smallest of the Aran Islands, it has a rich natural and cultural heritage and the only Arts Centre in the Gaeltacht, Áras Éanna, where the majority of events will happen. All will be free for all to attend, with some of the events requiring prior online registration due to capacity restrictions.

We really need people to get behind this as we’ve taken a huge risk with not even as much as an SSIA savings account to fall back on, but sure the best things in life are worth taking a risk on.

Scaoil amach é.

Go raibh mile maith agaibh.

Mary Nally and Siomha Nee