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rewards for funding this project:

€5 +

A email from the director thanking you repeatedly for your valued contribution and a warm fuzzy feeling that you helped a little film get off the ground.

€20 +

A numbered, limited edition standard definition dvd of the completed film with cover art, signed by the cast and crew.

€30 +

A numbered, limited edition blu-ray of the completed film with cover art signed by the cast and crew.

€40 +

A signed, limited edition numbered A3 sized film poster signed by the director, cast and crew.

€50 +

A standard definition dvd AND blu-ray of the movie, with artwork, together with a limited edition, numbered framed A4 poster of the film signed by the director.

€55 +

A limited, numbered edition dvd or blu-ray of the film with a special cover art image of Dublin, a signed poster of the film (A4 size) with a personal message from the Director.

€100 +

A special thank you in the credits of the film, a dvd or blu-ray of the completed film with cover art, signed by the cast and crew and a framed poster of the film.

€300 +

An executive producer credit both on the opening and closing titles of the film, a link on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) showing your status as a producer, 4 tickets to the premiere of the film (Autumn 2012, Dublin area), 2 copies of the film on DVD or blu-ray with cover art signed by the cast & crew and a framed poster of the film (full cinema size) with a personal message from the director thanking you for your help.

€1500 +

The Director's original script including notes, stains, drawings and squiggles from the 2 year production process. This is a one-of-a-kind item and will also come with a personal message to the contributor on the back page. This reward also includes 4 tickets to the premiere (Autumn 2012, Dublin area), 2 copies of the film on DVD or blu-ray with cover art.

a project by:
i-Wire Films

Dublin In Pieces is the second feature film from i-Wire Films and writer/director Rick Larkin after their 2008 effort Satellites & Meteorites which starred Adam Fergus & Amy Huberman and went on to win multiple festival awards across the world and be released in 15 countries in 6 languages.

The film stars some of Ireland's most talented actors who have graced the stage, tv and the silver screen both at home and abroad including Paul Reid (Raw, Alice in Funderland), Adam Fergus (Being Erica, Satellites & Meteorites), Brendan Conroy (Kings), Geoff Minogue (Once), Luke Griffin (Band of Brothers), Kate Brennan (Dollhouse) and Norma Sheahan (The Clinic, Ondine).

This is a film from our city, an anthology of short stories cut together to bring the drama and beauty of its citizens existence to the silver screen. Many films have been made in Dublin, and many about Dublin, but none have sought to demonstrate the singular existence that most people lead. Dublin In Pieces is attempts to bring the audience into the lives of these people, from the exciting to the mundane, from the happiness to sadness and from hate back to love.

The film has already completed principal photography and is trying to raise funds for final post-production work which will include a surround sound mix, a beautiful original score and an online edit which is taking place at Screenscene in Dublin. We have already spent approximately €50,000 getting the film to this stage but need your help to get to the final hurdle!

The budget breakdown is as follows:

Sound Editing & Mix €6,000
This is where the audio from the film is edited and sound effects and music are added in. The final audio tracked is then mixed together to produce a beautiful Dolby 5.1 soundtrack.

Music €1,500
Our score composer is writing a boat-load of new music for the film and this will cover his base fee (he has agreed to defer most of his payment)

Picture Grading & Online Edit €2,300
This is the final stage of the post-production process when a Colorist will go through the film, second by second, and adjust the colors and contrast of the pictures to match them all together and to provide the best possible viewing experience. The film is then mastered in HD and is then ready to view!

Other Costs €800
These costs are to pay for all sorts of mad bits that go with the above like a dolby licence, dialogue re-recording and tape stock (it sounds cheap but it's actually pretty expensive).

The result will be a portrait of Dublin, in ten parts and in stunning high definition that we know will impress festival audiences across the world.

See more information at www.facebook.com/dublininpieces