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Fidget Feet Aerial Theatre | Westmeath

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rewards for funding this project:

€5 +

A big thank you and/or hug with a personalised video message thrown in from Fidget Feet for good luck.

€10 +

A mention in the Fairies' Tail programme, a hug/thank you and a video message.

€25 +

A signed Fidget Feet album containing music from our shows, a programme mention, a hug/thank you and a video message.

€50 +

2 tickets to a performance on the 28th of August, a signed album, a programme mention, a hug/thank you and a video message.

€100 +

4 tickets to a performance of A Fairies Tail on the 28th August, a Fidget Feet T-SHIRT, signed album, programme mention, hug/thank you and a video message.

€200 +

A one to one zip line lesson on the weekend of the 27/28 of August in Tullynally, or (for those not comfortable with heights) a personalised caricature drawn by show director Jym Daly of you and the Fairies' Tail cast. Also, 4 performance tickets, a t-shirt, an album, a programme mention, hug/thank you and a video message.

€500 +

A personal Fidget Feet Aerial Dance workshop for you and 9 other people (Location & Time TBC between pledger and Fidget Feet. Restricted to the island of Ireland) . Also, 4 performance tickets, a t-shirt, a signed album, a programme mention, a hug/thank you and a video message.

a project by:
Fidget Feet Aerial Theatre

Fidget Feet needs you. A Fairies' Tail is a fantastic family event taking place the 27/28 of August that is the perfect way to introduce children to the performance traditions of theatre and aerial circus. But we need help in making this tale a reality.

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre is Ireland’s foremost Aerial Dance Theatre Company. We are based in Westmeath and are currently company in residence at the Backstage Theatre in Longford. We have become renowned internationally as a creative organisation that stretches the boundaries between several arts forms, combining aerial skills with contemporary circus and creating theatre fused with aerial dance, music and video art, making contemporary circus and aerial dance accessible.

Fidget Feet lives and works in Westmeath and this beautiful county has been extremely good to us. We don't get the opportunity to perform here very often, so when the possibility came around to do one of family shows here, we were delighted and jumped at the chance (and we're aerial dancers, we can jump quite high).

Taking place over one weekend, 27/28 of August in the historic gardens of Tullynally Castle and running as part of National Heritage Week, this is a special cultural event that seeks to benefit the local community of Castlepollard (only 50 minutes from Dublin) and showcase a beautiful piece of national heritage. We will also be offering children the chance to learn some circus skills with our children's workshops. It is a great way for parents to give their children a interactive experience in the performing arts at a time when there are so many other things competing for their attention.

A Fairies' Tail isn’t a once upon a time story. This is a happening right now story. Follow Fidget Feet as we take the audience on a journey through the mystical gardens of Tullynally Castle to discover the story of Buglite, the only fairy left that hasn’t become a character in a computer game.

The €3000 euro we are looking for will be used to co-ordinate and and run 4 Children's Circus workshops that take place between performances on the 27/28 of August. These are quite tech heavy and require a good deal of safety and supervision. This money will pay for workshop instructors and equipment, as well as being used to maintain costumes. Its a fantastic part of the event and is generally our favourite (we've seen statues crack a smile at a little tyke whizzing through the air and laughing like maniac). And its such an important part of the event, getting them involved in the artistic process. We're looking at a weekend that showcases an artform, a heritage site and a community.

Taking place on the 27/28 of August, please help us to make this Fairy Tail a reality. We only have FOUR WEEKS to reach our target so spread the word.

A big THANK YOU in advance from everyone in the Fidget Feet madhouse.