Ireland: A People Shaped by Easter

Nick Park | Dublin

Ireland: A People Shaped by Easter
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a project by:
Nick Park

Ireland is, perhaps more than any other nation in the world, shaped by Easter. This book explores the motivations and sacrifice of the men behind the 1916 Easter Rising. It also explores other notable Easters (such as St Patrick's arrival in Ireland in the 5th Century and the 1998 Good Friday Agreement) that have significantly shaped how we see ourselves as a nation.

The book concludes by setting these Easters in the context of the first Easter, with the Resurrection of Christ being a continuing motif in the lives of many in an independent and diverse Ireland in the 21st Century.

The authors of the book are Nick Park (Executive Director of Evangelical Alliance Ireland), Ruth Garvey-Williams (Editor of Vox Magazine) and David Wilson (National Team Leader of Agape Ministries Ireland).

The text of the book is already written. The funds raised by crowdsourcing will subsidise the printing & distribution of the book, and help create a media campaign.

Churches are already getting on board and committing to the free distribution of books in multiples of 100 copies.