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Just Saying
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rewards for funding this project:

€10 +

Digital download of the film in December and thanks on social media.

€20 +

Digital download of the film in December and thanks on social media, plus a signed DVD before the film goes online.

€50 +

Digital download of the film in December and thanks on social media, a signed DVD before the film goes online, plus thanks in the credits of the film and I will hand make postcards personally for you. You'll get 5 postcards that together have the full text of the poem handwritten on them.

€100 +

Digital download of the film in December, thanks in the credits of the film, a signed DVD before the film goes online, plus the Big Kahuna: I'll make you a framed A3 individual piece of art with a hand drawn illustration and the text of the poem handwritten. I'll dedicate and sign it too, so you'll have a completely individual piece to put on your wall.

a project by:
Dave Tynan

Just Saying is a short film about Dublin. It's a man walking through Dublin, thinking aloud. It's about loving a place even when you don't always like it. It's about people leaving but more than that it's about people staying too and what happens to them. I'm convinced it will be the best film I've made to date.

I'm Dave Tynan, a director who graduated at The National Film School, IADT in 2008. I've attended the Berlinale Talent Campus as a writer/director. I was nominated for a Kinsale Shark for Most Promising New Director in 2009 and the same year I won a prize for a TV pilot at ENGAGE, a MEDIA-funded training initiative. I've directed virals for clients such as O2 and Diageo and I've had short films play festivals and broadcast on RTÉ. One of these, Minim Rest, screens in this year’s Corona Cork Film Festival.

I've been living in London for two years. Now I'm back in Dublin until Christmas and I'd love to make this film before I go back to London to start a MA (in Filmmaking in Goldsmiths). I wrote Just Saying two years ago as a short. Then I was too broke to make it. I rewrote it and in text form it featured in the launch issue of Argon Magazine and on This Greedy Pig

Please read it. It’ll give you a good sense of what we’re doing. Maybe it's a poem, even if I find that a weird term. Whatever it is, it's provoked a stronger response than anything I've written before. I guess this is because it's personal, it's specific and it speaks to people. That text is the backbone of the film. Just Saying can be a strong, unique short. It just needs a bit of cash. And this is where you come in.

I feel it’s a realistic but modest budget. That budget goes on everything you'd expect: casting, catering, actor, crew, equipment rental and post.

Filming will take place over three nights in late October, dates TBC. I'll use some of the same professionals I've collaborated with before, including cinematographer JJ Rolfe and composer Gareth Averill. We're going for a heightened visual style, a pacy cut that takes in the grit and the beauty of Dublin at night. Short films often don't hold your attention. This one will.

The test might give you an idea of what we're going for: vimeo
Note: it'll be a great actor (ie. not me, good news for everyone) in front of the camera:

Here's a clip of my most recent short Extra Garlic Sauce along with some commercial work

I'm bound to say it but the €50 and €100 rewards are worthwhile. If you liked the poem you'd have a reward that exists in its own right, distinct from the finished film. Of course you can choose to not receive any of the gifts but I don't know why you'd do that.

Thanks for reading,