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rewards for funding this project:

€10 +

A big thank you! Your name will be gratefully acknowledged on our Facebook & Twitter pages as a benefactor.

€15 +

A big thank you! The above + You will be emailed a beautiful poster designed by children on the programme, exhibiting the most colourful work from a selection of their MissionV projects.

€25 +

A huge thank you! All the above + a free download of 'The Information' by Saganism, the wonderful soundtrack to our promotional video above.

€40 +

A huge thank you! All the above + your name on the credits of the official MissionV promotional video produced at the end of term exhibiting the best of the students' project work and to be published on our website and YouTube channel.

€60 +

A huge thank you! All the above + a free download of the brilliantly educational maths app 'TroubleSUM' from NeverMindGames.com

€100 +

A massive thank you! All the above + a voucher to the value of €25 redeemable at WhizzKids.ie Summer Camps

€350 +

A massive thank... yourself! This is a special pledge level aimed at schools that are in a position to, and would like to, contribute. Your reward is to have your school on the MissionV programme this year. (That doesn't mean that schools which don't pledge here won't get on the programme! And individuals can pledge here too :-)

€600 +

A gigantic thank you! This is a special pledge level for organizations that would like to sponsor a school, effectively paying for them (at a discount) to be on the programme. Your reward is the Official MissionV Plaque and Certificates of Completion "sponsored by [your organization]" with your logo, which you can present to students in your chosen school at the end of term. Plus a customized version of our promo video with "sponsored by [your organization]" in the opening credits for embedding on your website. You will of course be profusely thanked on our Twitter and Facebook pages, and website.

€4500 +

A gigantic thank you! This is a special pledge level for organizations that would like to sponsor one of our 38 school- wide challenges. A challenge is a project lasting 6 weeks, for the duration of which students will focus their MissionV time on an appropriate, educational project determined by the sponsor in co-operation with MissionV and with input from the schools. Suitable for companies in health/science sectors and subject to MissionV approval this is a terrific marketing opportunity as the challenge will be aligned to your sector (eg. develop a mini-game to teach the value of living a healthy lifestyle) and named "The [your company name] challenge". Your logo will appear on the bottom of our homepage for the school term as a "Partner" organization. Your organization will be mentioned in emails sent to schools, generally weekly. And in one press release. As well, you will get a specially produced video documenting the projects developed by schools (on your challenge) for embedding on your website.

€11000 +

A ginormous thank you! Suitable for a large ICT or life sciences organization this pledge level offers ONE organization the opportunity to be the official sponsor of the MissionV Schools Programme for the year. This includes a large logo above the fold of our homepage and the words "MissionV Programme Year 2, Sponsored by [your company]". You will be mentioned as our sponsor on all press releases, mentioned and linked to in our Twitter profile and have your logo embedded in our Facebook page Cover image (for the duration of the programme). Your organization will be mentioned in all emails sent to schools, generally weekly. And in one press release. As well, you will get a specially produced video documenting the projects developed by schools, with your logo (as official sponsor) in the opening credits, for embedding on your website.

a project by:
MissionV Education

What is the MissionV Schools Programme?

MissionV is a not-for-profit organisation which promotes the development of 21st century skills through innovative online technologies. We are enhancing the Irish classroom by providing the digital tools for teachers and students to design and create their own, curriculum-based, interactive content - for powerful new learning experiences.

During 2011-12 we ran a pilot project in 20 primary schools, supported by the National Centre for Technology and Education (NCTE). Drawn from 14 counties we had large, small, urban and rural schools including a number designated disadvantaged.

38 schools have applied to participate on our programme, which will run from 5 November to 30 June 2013. But, because no Departmental funding is available this year we now need your help.

What have professional educators said about MissionV?

Jerome Morrissey, (then) Director of the NCTE said -
“The project is very timely given the Department of Education and Skills’ prioritisation of numeracy at both primary and post primary level”

Anne McMorrough, Teacher at St. Martin De Porres National School, Tallaght said -
“Being part of the MissionV Project has been a completely captivating experience! It has provided us with simple tools to collaboratively imagine and build new worlds within a 3D virtual space, pushing the boundaries of teaching and learning in so many dynamic, exciting ways.”

Marion Morrin, Teacher at St. Munchins, Limerick said -
“Teaching and learning in [MissionV] has huge potential with endless possibilities for creativity, problem solving and collaboration. My pupils are highly engaged and highly motivated, they frequently assist one another and me and they consider their work on MissionV to be fun. They are very focussed and they are developing skills in the areas of co-operation, problem solving and creativity”

Paul Moroney, Teacher at St. Patrick’s BNS, Mallow, Co. Cork said -
“The children are actively engaging with each other to design, and create. Every child regardless of academic ability has shown a great aptitude for learning in this way. The programme has encouraged the children in my class to solve problems in a creative and collaborative way using a wide range of 21st century skills.”

Esther Lambe, Principal at St. Kierans NS, Broughall, Co. Offaly said -
“Challenging, exciting, innovative, exhausting, futuristic, satisfying, fun, are some of the words I would use. Each day the children brought enthusiasm and genuine commitment to their learning. As they acquired new knowledge, their ideas and zest for more increased”

Stephen Devlin, Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal, Inchicore, Dublin said -
“I would recommend it to every teacher as it suits a wide range of learning styles whilst also teaching a wide range of skills. My class have learned many new computer and social skills during this process and constantly ask “When are we doing MissionV again?”

What will the money be used for?

The money we raise will go to the production costs of the service for the programme, including setting up the necessary infrastructure to provide convenient online access to all schools and teacher training.

Many thanks for your interest in our project!

James Corbett, co-founder & Margaret Keane, co-founder

MissionV Education Ltd.