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rewards for funding this project:

€5 +

Album download in digital format. (Pledgers only price.)

€10 +

CD and download the album in digital format. (International pledgers, please add €2 for postage and packaging outside the UK/Ireland.)

€20 +

Postcard featuring the album art and a personal note from the artist along with the physical album, the album download in digital form.

€30 +

Exclusive tickets for you and a friend to an album preview gig (Ireland only), in addition to the physical album (your choice of Cd or Vinyl), and the digital download of the album.

€50 +

Come and sing backing vocals on one of my tracks. You will have a choice of a few tracks, and will spend an afternoon in the studio with other fund:it backing singers. The studio is based in Dublin, so you'd need to be able to be in Dublin for this reward. The physical album, and digital download is also included.

€75 +

Your very own 3 song concert performed over Skype, along with the physical album, and digital download.

€120 +

Limited edition, hand printed, art piece from the album artwork. The physical album, and digital download is also included.

€200 +

I'll do a live solo gig in your home for you and your friends. (Ireland only). The physical album, and digital download is also included.

€500 +

Access All Areas Producer - You will have access to tracks as they are being recorded : reference tracks, alternate versions, different mixes, works in progress. You will get to spend a full day in the studio, seeing the album recording in progress, and get an exclusive credit on the album and one of the limited edition, hand printed art prints. The physical album and digital download is also included.

a project by:
mister ebby

I'm a pianist and writer of chamber pop songs and piano pieces. I've been recording an album using a studio in Dublin that has a beautiful acoustic piano.

The songs aren't all about my own life - some are inspired by novels, films, and invented characters. Others are definitely about people I've loved, and friends I've known. And my love /hate relationship with Galway city, my home town, is another strong feature.

I've been writing since my teens, but always focusing on playing piano for other people's music projects more than my own. Recently, however, I've devoted my energy to recording and performing my own music, and it has definitely been a more rewarding experience.

In the video on this page, you can hear the wonderfully quirky piano I have at home, and hear how it's not really suitable for going the home recording route, and besides, I'm not a skilled enough engineer to get the kind of sound from a piano that I want, so I decided on using a professional studio. But it's definitely working well, and I'm very happy with the progress made so far. It's more expensive, but it is worth it to give these songs the sound they deserve.

That video gives you some clips of the piano riffs from the record too. If you follow me on twitter, soundcloud or facebook, or keep an eye on my blog, you might get to hear some short previews of the tracks as they get finished in the studio.

The money raised through :fund:it will cover the costs of studio time with the engineer, professional mixing and mastering, and any other costs directly related to the process of recording and duplicating the album.

"condemned to wires and hammers, strike every chord that you feel, that broken trees and elephant ivories conceal" - joni mitchell - 'THe Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig's Tune)'