MONSTER/CLOCK: A Puppet's Play on Time

Collapsing Horse Theatre | Dublin

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This project was funded!

rewards for funding this project:

€5 +

You're TOBY'S MENTOR: A massive thank you on The Collaping Horse Website and show programme.

€15 +

You're the KOMODO DRAGON SKY PILOT: Personal video of a puppet of your choice thanking you and thanks in Programme and website.

€25 +

You're the Swans SPENCER AND BALDOCK: Original Poster signed by all the cast , a video of a puppet saying thanks and a thanks you in the show programme and website.

€40 +

You're FATHER TIME: Post-show Puppet Workshop: How to Operate and use your own puppet - with the Cast and Crew of MONSTER/CLOCK, thanks in show programme and website and special video of thanks from a puppet of your choice .

€65 +

You're the MONSTER CLOCK: Two tickets to opening night, Space in the how to make and operate a puppet workshop, a signed poster, a video saying thanks from a puppet of your choice and a big thanks on our show programme and website.

€250 +

You're TOBY: We'll make you a puppet! That's right, once the show is finished you will get your very own puppet made for you by Collapsing Horse! On top of that you'll get 2 tickets to the opening night of the show

a project by:
Collapsing Horse Theatre

Collapsing Horse Theatre Company is Eoghan Quinn, Jack Gleeson, Aaron Heffernan and Matthew Smyth and we are in need of your love and support!

We've decided to set up a Puppet Theatre Company to entertain all ages and to satiate our love of music, comedy and puppetry. Our first show, MONSTER/CLOCK will be starting its run in Smock Alley Theatre on the 26th of March until April 7th. We wouldn't ask if we didn't think this was a project well worth funding

As a new company we are completely unfunded, and so we are depending on you, the loving public to help us out in anyway you can. Whether it's a donation of 5 euro or 50 euro we will be eternally indebted to you. We are even grateful you've read down this far.

With show costs running to around €8000 we would love if you guys could help us up to the €2500 mark and that should at least get us into the venue! The money we raise is going from building the set and landscapes for our puppet's adventures, right down to the material for the puppets themselves. Even some of our musical instruments will be made from scratch! The DIY aspect of the show's build is the reason we love it, but also the reason we need to seek any money we can find to get it done!

Below is a list of the wonderful people involved and also a bit of info on the show:

Kate Kennedy, Grainne Pollak, Jack Gleeson, Richard Shaffrey, Rachel Gleeson, Meadhbh McHugh, Aaron Heffernan, Martha McGregor, Eoghan Quinn, Matthew Smyth.

Writer/Composer: Eoghan Quinn
Director: Dan Colley
Puppet Master: Aaron Heffernan
Musical Director/Composer: Danny Forde,
Costume: Emma Gleeson
Set and Lighting Design: Colm McNally
Production Manager: Trevor O’ Connell
Graphic Design: Karl Watson
Associate Producer/Writer: Jack Gleeson
Exec. Producer: Matthew Smyth

About the production
MONSTER/CLOCK: A Play on Time is an exciting new piece of musical puppet theatre. It expounds the life of Toby, a castigated monster and apprentice watchmaker, who finds his world blown apart by a raid on his workshop, and the kidnapping of his mentor and guardian. He is forced to flee from the safety of his desk into the vast steampunk fantasy world that awaits him outside his door. In so doing, Toby discovers that there are many more hands at work than he suspected, and he may be but a cog in the grand nefarious machinations of his mysterious assailant. Through puppetry, music and heaps of comedy, MONSTER/CLOCK explores self-discovery and the passage of time, leaving us to wonder if it’s truly on our hero’s side.

We are extremely excited about this project and would love you to share in it by selecting some of the rewards we have to offer. All support will genuinely be appreciated greatly.

Thanks from Eoghan, Matt, Jack and Aaron and the CH team.