The Hellfire Squad

The Devious Theatre Company | Kilkenny

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rewards for funding this project:

€10 +

Personalised thank yous on our show website, a Facebook shout out for helping us on our Hellfire journey and a handwritten letter (posted to your home address) from 'the camp' acknowledging your support!

€20 +

€10 reward plus written thank you in souvenir programme along with complimentary souvenir programme mailed or collected at venue of your choosing

€50 +

€20 rewards plus opening night ticket to hometown performance at Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny along with exclusive signed cast funder poster print and a personalised postcard from the edge - you made this show happen, this one's for you. (Available from 18 July).

€75 +

Opening night ticket to Watergate Theatre performance, complimentary souvenir programme, thank yous, exclusive signed cast funder poster, invitation to sit in on one of the Hellfire Squad rehearsal days.

€100 +

Two tickets to any night of the Kilkenny show, original cast and crew signed script, complimentary souvenir programme and thank you, complete Hellfire Squad signed poster set, thank yous online, in print and our love and adoration for making this possible :)

€200 +

Two tickets to any night of the Kilkenny show, cast and crew signed script, programme and thank you, full poster set, selection of 6 Hellfire Squad photo prints, sit in on a rehearsal, personalised video thank you. Archive copy of the show on availability (post production)

€300 +

All of the €200 rewards plus a full page advertisement for your business or group in the show's print and digital programmes issued for productions in Kilkenny and Dublin in July 2016.

a project by:
The Devious Theatre Company

Amidst the smouldering ruins of the GPO, Michael Collins realises he must become the midwife to a terrible beauty.

Picture the scene - he needs to resurrect the cause, and he’s going to need some apostles to do it. So, he puts together a crack squad of the hardest 'schans' in all the land, embarking on a campaign of subterfuge, misinformation, political assisinations, espionage and general divilment. Thus, The Hellfire Squad is born.

This summer as part of our 10 year celebrations, we're bringing The Hellfire Squad to life, performing first at Project Arts Centre, Dublin (18-23 July), the on to Kilkenny's Watergate Theatre (28-30 July) as part of Alternative Kilkenny Arts (AKA).

The Hellfire Squad is an elegantly woven journey - a fiercely comical one but at times just as spellbinding, powerful, and frightening as the history and myth it has sprang from.

The Devious Theatre Company was formed in Kilkenny in 2006 by an ensemble of theatre makers. We make work that explores different genres and storytelling forms but is rooted in an Irish context and married to a style of comedy drama we have honed over the years.

We work in different modes of theatre having previously produced site specific work, musical theatre, radio drama and theatre for young audiences. We don’t like labels. Thus, our artistic credo is mostly ADHD based and fairly guerrilla. Previously, we've staged the Irish premieres of Cannibal! The Musical!! and Night Of The Living Dead along with our works like Scratcher, War Of Attrition, The Centre of the Universe, Some Flood to name a few.

20 shows on with performances at numerous festivals and venues around Ireland, we're back with a bang for our marquee production for 2016.

From the first ideas in 2012 and a work-in-progress showing in 2013, The Hellfire Squad is almost ready to hit the stage. Three years on, we're asking for your kind support to get the show over the line, on its legs, on the road and out in front of audiences. 

With a successful campaign reaching €3,000 we'll be committing the funding to set and lighting design and build, print and promotional efforts in Kilkenny and Dublin, props, costuming, technical costs and remounting between Dublin and Kilkenny. We're matching that same same sum ourselves with fundraising performances of our very first show, Heart Shaped Vinyl, in May this year.

The big challenge is always the audience. In a commemorative year - both for the country and for ourselves as we mark 10 years on the stage - we're working hard to put a different, fresh slant on 1916 storytelling and we're working with groups in Kilkenny and Dublin to promote that. 

From the bottom of our Devious hearts, our sincerest of thanks for funding The Hellfire Squad. Your support will make this production happen. Tell your friends and family and hopefully we'll see you at the show this July! God bless the work.