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rewards for funding this project:

€10 +

Postcards with original graffiti art of A5

€25 +

Original Graffiti Posters of A3 size

€50 +

Graffiti sticker packs of 25 stickers

€500 +

Mural for location of your Choice, (the wall of your business, local school or youth club)

€500 +

Splattervan workshop, with your choice of art form.

a project by:
The Splattervan

The Splattervan was born out of a passion for the arts and working with young people, The idea was born when we (Claire, Danny & Gary) were chatting about problems we all encountered in our work with young people. The main problems being lack of facilities, space, and access to materials. We discovered that we all had very similar ideas about ways in which to work with young people and had equally strong beliefs in its benefits for young people and their wider communities.

This will be used as a pilot project to see how things go. Our aim is to provide a fun, unique and mobile space for positive community interaction, providing support for various forms of learning. We will encourage participation and the promotion of tolerance and empathy among young people. Through peer facilitation methods we wish to encourage the active citizenship of young people by using urban arts such as: Graffiti, Rapping, Break Dancing, Stenciling, Dj-ing and Art. We aim to facilitate creativity and to encourage young people to use their own initiative in order to express their own ideas and share them with their communities as well as providing opportunities to link with other diverse communities, giving them the tools they need to participate fully and constructively in civic life.

Through Fund it we are hoping to be able fund the van to kick-start this project and help us start our careers as mobile art facilitators (on a mission). We want to set up Splattervan as a non-profit organization allowing us to deliver workshops in less advantaged areas as well as in schools, youth clubs, probation centres and centres for people with learning difficulties and special needs. We have connected with a business mentor who we are meeting with every two weeks to begin the process of setting up an established business. We have received lots of help from organizations we have worked with in the past that wish to see the Splattervan up and running and have been collecting materials and equipment to kit out the van to a professional standard. The Splattervan's main function will be to provide transport of all materials to and from workshops......also holding workshops inside.

We are really excited about this project and see it as the start of a new full time career for all of us. Thanks for taking the time to read about The Splattervan, Claire Coughlan, Danny O Riordan & Gary Mc Carthy :)