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rewards for funding this project:

€15 +

THREE JARS OF VEGEMITE!!! Snapchat from us in Australia AND an advance ticket to V: The Fifth Anniversary concert, happening on April 1st

€30 +

A NIGHT IN THE HOSTEL (a.k.a TRINI-FAN PACKAGE) Trinitones Mug, Trinitones stickers, and both a Snapchat and Facebook thank you

€50 +

A CHECKED BAG An official "Friend of Trinitones" - you'll get mentioned in our program at that level, you'll get a Trini-Fan package, and 1 Half-Season ticket, which gets you into our public gigs from September - December 2017

€100 +

SHARK BITE INSURANCE The Trini-Fan package, a digital copy of our upcoming EP, as well as 2 Half-Season tickets, which gets you and a friend into our public gigs from September - December 2017

€150 +

KOOKABURRA FEED Season Ticket-holder for our 2017/18 season. You get to come to ALL our public gigs starting with our tour kickoff concert in September. We’ll also give you our upcoming EP, the Trini-Fan package, and recognition as an “Annual Supporter” in our program.

€250 +

KOALA-TY SINGING AKA the Trinitones Flashmob Surprise! We'll surprise your friend, loved one, and maybe even you with an intimate flashmob. Upcoming Birthday? Valentine’s Day? Bar Mitzvah? They’ll never see it coming! (subject to availability)

€400 +

DIDGERIDOO SUPPORT US We will arrange your favourite pop song and record a personalised video of it for your continued enjoyment.

€500 +

ONE LEG ON THE PLANE You are an official "Patron of Trinitones". You’ll get Patron-level recognition in our program, two season tickets, a copy of our EP, and, of course, the coveted Trini-Mug

€1000 +

FLIGHTS FOR THE LADS Trinitones Workshop. We’ll come to your school, work place, or treehouse and get you all up and singing.

€1500 +

RIDE ON A KANGAROO Trinitones will perform at your wedding, birthday or any other event.

€2500 +

RENT-A-TONE You get a private performance, a jingle, massive social engagement on all platforms, two season tickets, and you’ll have achieved the “Corporate Sponsor” level in our program and on any tour marketing/merchandise.

€12500 +

HONORARY TRINITONE You love us! You really love us! But sorry, we still can’t let you into the group. However, you WILL become a "Primary Tour Sponsor" across the board on all of our tour gear and merchandise. In recognition of our love affair, we will perform at all your parties and events throughout the year. Y’know what? We’ll throw in the whole shebang. You get everything that appears as a prize on this list. And if you think you can stand spending 2 weeks with a bunch of singing idiots, we’ll find a flying pig to get you to Australia and a permanent spot in the Baritones, who we all know are the black sheep of a cappella. If you prefer to think of the gift as investing in our health, rest easy knowing you’ve bought us the equivalent of 139 pints of Guinness each (or 139 jars of Vegemite!!!).

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Provost Prendergast was tired of us singing in Front Square, and the Gardaí wanted us off Grafton Street so they exiled us to Botany Bay. We misunderstood. We’ve heard a lot about Australia - goon, cobbers & coldies. We want to experience it all. Poor little Barra has always dreamed of petting a kangaroo. Surely you want to let Barra get punched by a kangaroo?

In all seriousness Trinitones are about to embark on an epic journey, to a land where no Irishman has ever gone before.......

We are working all year and throughout summer to make sure we get to Oz, but we need your help! After we played host to Trinity College Melbournes TigerTones, we have been formally invited to perform there and travel Australia. We are touring Melbourne to Sydney, while spreading our own style of unorthodox a cappella throughout the country. We can not do it without your help. We are applying to Fund it to assist with travel costs and tour logistics. We already have several performances lined up in Sydney and Melbourne but we are looking forward to hearing from you about future gigs.


In case our renown is unbeknownst to you, Trinitones have performed at major venues including Aviva Stadium, Croke Park, The Mansion House, The Shelbourne Hotel, and are considered festival regulars at Electric Picnic and Trinity Ball. As performers, mind you. Our corporate clients have included Google, Cadbury, Teeling, and Boodles.

With an ever-changing lineup and a diverse repertoire that spans genres from the Baroque to the Beyoncé, Trinitones continues to promote high quality a cappella music with an energetic and engaging live show that is not to be missed. Seriously, come to our gigs.


The Ozzie equivalent to the proverbial Elephant.

18 Trinitones are travelling. That is more than the entire group of girls in Madeline, and we are nowhere near as cute. Cost of travel is huge - flights are €1100 return. While we are seeking every grant, disbursement and earning opportunity available, we want to be able to say that even in the smallest way possible, our fans made it possible.


Name assigned to female bovine creatures "downundah". Cow + Sheila = Moolah.

Just joking. It's just money. Here's how our funding goal breaks down:

We've got 18 opportunities for a €500 flight contribution. That's €9000 total. Everything else provides hostel accommodation and transport costs while we're in Australia. We are all willing to "slum it". Except for Neil.

As students, we live off a diet of toast, eggs, coffee and the deep despair of the shrinking job market. When we decided to go to Australia, everyone laughed. But, we're Ireland's most successful a cappella group, with over 150,000 views on our YouTube channel, and exposure in more than 125 countries. Yet, we have only visited three. Including Ireland. This has gotta change.

Thanks in advance, we can't do it without your support.