ZASKA Debut Album

max zaska | Dublin

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rewards for funding this project:

€10 +

Hi-Res download of the album.

€35 +

First pressing of 180g vinyl signed, sealed, delivered to you + Hi-Res Download. Mmmm analog :)

€50 +

Your name or organisation will appear in the thank you section of the vinyl sleeve as well as the [FULL ALBUM] video on You Tube + all d’above. You’ll be famous!

€75 +

Unlimited access to online music scores that I slaved over for weeks to every song on the album + all d’above. Great for anyone wanting to get nerdy on this music :)

€100 +

Unlimited access to online individual parts that I slaved over for even more weeks to every instrument and every song of the album + all d’above. Awesome for any musicians wanting to play some of this tunage.

€125 +

2 tickets to the album launch where your face will be promptly melted by dangerous levels of the funk + all d’above.

€150 +

1 hour guitar lesson at my home or by Skype + all d’above. You’ll be shredding!!!!

€250 +

An entire section of a song composed and arranged for the full 8 piece band dedicated to you or a loved one that we will bust into spontaneously at a show we know you are attending. An epic present for that special someone or an incredibly self indulgent treat for yourself :)

€500 +

1 year guest list + 1 pass to all available Zaska shows in 2017 for all you hardcore fans out there. Never miss a show!

€1000 +

3 piece (guitar + 2 vocals) 1 hour acoustic Zaska concert in the comfort of your own home in the province of Leinster + all d’above. Any day of the week, Subject to musicians availability. Outside of Leinster is a possibility too, just depends how far and may cost a lil extra :)

a project by:
max zaska

Project Background 

In 2010 I went to Electric Picnic for the first time, I sampled a mysterious potion and I had an epiphany to bring together the most bad ass musicians I knew to create a sound both complex but also extremely funky. I made some calls and within a few days I had a brand new band with the most original name of all time “Groove" :).

We were originally 6 and then we quickly grew to 8. Some of these core members went on to do amazing things including Andrew Hozier Byrne (Hozier), Karen Cowley (Wyvern Lingo) and Dylan lynch (Little Green Cars). THE MYSTERIOUS POTION WORKED!!

The name "Groove" wasn’t great for d’aul Google searches so I changed it to "Zaska" and when the core members weren't around I found other dope musicians to fill in. When these new members couldn't do it I got others to fill in till eventually over 50 musicians had played in the band!

Since 2014 I have worked mainly with 20 + of these fine musical specimens and have released 2 EP's, 1 Single, recorded over 100 demos and played countless shows. It is finally time to showcase this new material as well as this community of homegrown talent in a single full length album. No additives or preservatives, just dope musicians playing dope music in a room together with stank faces, the way the good lord intended! :).

Why Crowdfunding? 

I decided to crowd fund this project after I wrote out a list of my different financial sources.

1) Zaska + no one = no album
2) Zaska + Fund it = funkiest album on earth

After days of deliberating on my choices it became pretty apparent that option 2 was the better call.

Your Contributions

Your contributions will cover the following

Musicians fee's
Studio rental (5 days)
Gear rental
Vinyl pressing + postage

The Risks

The biggest risk with a live studio project like this are BUM NOTES.....

You are 5 seconds away from the perfect take and there it is,
a BUM NOTE that ruins the entire take and you have to start all over.
I am confident there will be little to none of these because of my new BUM NOTE policy I adopted from James Brown whereby musicians fees will be halved for every BUM NOTE.

When will it be ready ? 

I will try my absolute darndest to have this ready by late Spring / early Summer 2017 but my first baby is on the way in Decemeber so if there are any delays we can blame it on that :) 

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou

Thank you so much in advance for any support you can give this project! Together I know we can make one of the funkiest debut's the Emerald Isle has ever seen. Peace, love and good vibes to you all. Zaska