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rewards for funding this project:

€10 +

A personalized thank you video from an iconic setting in Dublin. We promise you won't be disappointed.

€15 +

An exclusive Zeminar embroidered beanie hat. It will keep you warm and if you're having a bad hair day it will come in handy.

€20 +

A slick Zeminar t-shirt with logo printed on the front in full colour.

€50 +

An awesome Zeminar hoodie with embroidered logo on the front.

€100 +

4 x adult tickets to the entire event. Yes it's a youth seminar, but there will be so much to learn, so many speakers to see and so much fun to be had. If you are interested in the development of young people in Ireland, this event is a must.

€250 +

Would you like to be an absolute hero to a class of students? Well, this reward offers you the opportunity to nominate a class (must be 4th, 5th or 6th year) giving them access to one day of Zeminar next year. Some T&C's apply.

€500 +

It might be you, or it might be someone you know, but we are offering a special speaker slot at a time of your choice. This is an opportunity to share a story or message with the young people of Ireland. We will have an MC helping you along should you need it. The talk will be recorded and shared on social media, and we will do everything within our means to spread the word. This reward will also include 4 x adult tickets to the event and access to the VIP Green Room.

€1000 +

For €1000 we will offer you or your organisation a basic exhibition space in one of the themed areas of Zeminar. The package will include a shell scheme, lighting, electricity and some basic branding.

€5000 +

For €5000 we can offer your organisation an opportunity to exhibit at the event in a premium space using as much space as your activation needs.

a project by:

Zeminar will bring.up to 30,000 15 to 18 year olds to a spectacular event next October at the RDS . The event will be run over three days, with students attending for one day, either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. It will provide our young attendees a platform to explore all of the different resources and opportunities that are available to them. In one life changing day at an incredible space, they will have their most memorable school outing ever.

Zeminar brings the best, most innovative youth focused organisations who are specialists in everything from mental health, to healthy eating, the community to the environment, equality to careers. These organisations will encourage attendees to participate in workshops, interactive learning sessions. demonstrations and games. This allows attendees to take home with them new life skills, vital information and an incredibly positive experience.

What's on?
We have been travelling the length and breadth of the country visiting schools and listening to the students of Ireland, we have worked together with these students to create an event that caters for all interests, in a fun, educational, and very often in truly unique ways.

There will be 8 different themed areas at Zeminar, Youth Org United, Club Corner, The Teacher's Lounge, The Social Scene, CEO Boss It, Activation Zone, Main Stage and Well-Being Gym. There will be 100s of exhibitors showcasing their work, their aim will be to interact with attendees, inform them of their service, and to educate and inspire them.

Zeminar are inviting speakers from diverse backgrounds to take to our main stage over the three days of the event. Each speaker will discuss their personal experiences around essential topics such as mental health, addiction and alcohol abuse, nutrition and obesity, health, sexuality, diversity and equality, international issues and more. All our talks will be added to our website so that they can be used as a resources to all students and schools throughout the country and beyond.

We see a major opportunity for a new and exciting event for students, one that caters for all students irrespective of their academic ability or socioeconomic background.

Needless to say Zeminar is a massive project, but the response we have received so far has been excellent, however, we still need your help. By helping us with our crowdfunding you will be part of establishing the first of what will be an annual national youth summit in Ireland.

The money raised from our crowdfunding campaign will be spread across marketing, venue hire, legal fees, and production fees. Our overall budget is larger that €15,000, this means that any money pledged will go straight into Zeminar.

For more details on the event please visit www.zeminar.ie

Thank you for your time.