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Posted on Wednesday December 18th 2019

It’s the end of a decade! 2019 has been a fantastic year for our project creators and funders alike. Fund it has enabled the launch of new albums, the publication of new books, and helped send actors to the Edinburgh Fringe. Below we’ve selected a list of creators who deserve a particular shout out for their project’s performance. Emerging trends over 2019 – vs last year – was the growth in art (+133%), media & publishing (+133%), and performance (+127%) projects.

Above and Beyond

Top 5 projects that killed their target

Fluid Forms – Liam Flynn – 175% achieved of target.

No Crisis Here – 140% achieved of target.

Aul Eire Magazine First Edition – 137% achieved of target.

A new studio for Dublin Digital Radio – 134% achieved of target.

PB8 A Magazine of Poetry. – 126% achieved of target.

Fund it 2019 Unicorns

Top 5 projects with the most amount of money raised

A new studio for Dublin Digital Radio – €20,050

Fluid Forms – Liam Flynn – €14,037

The Laurel Rooms @ Florence & Milly – €13,796

Aoife Scott – New Album – €13,236

Schubert’s Four Seasons CD – €11,580

Crowd Pleasers

Top 5 projects with the most amount of funders

A new studio for Dublin Digital Radio – 428 funders

MINEFIELD – 200 funders

Aoife Scott – New Album – 198 funders

Luan Parle – New Album – 173 funders

The Red Iron by Jim Nolan – 151 funders

Thanks to all our project creators for choosing Fund it as your creative engine in 2019, and thanks to all our funders and curious followers – you all make this creative community what it is.

Good luck to all the 2020 projects from the Fund it team!

If this blog has inspired you to create a project in 2020, begin your journey here!

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