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Guest Blog: Studio 9 with Bovina Creamcracker Buttermilk

Posted on Wednesday March 30th 2022

Studio 9 is a stop motion animation studio that makes films for three purposes: explain, engage, and excite! Their recent crowdfunding project, Bovina Creamcracker Buttermilk, went above its target of €10,000 and raised 105% of its goal on Fund it. Joe Coveney and John O’Connell are the main artists at Studio 9 with over 40 […]

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Guest Blog – AnnMarie O’Grady

Posted on Wednesday April 28th 2021

AnnMarie O’Grady is a singer-songwriter, author, designer, and teacher, who has run multiple successful projects on the Fund it platform. Having published books with O’Brien Press (Everything Irish, 1998 ), AnnMarie has also worked with a range of corporate clients such as AIB, Bank of Ireland, and Diageo to create books and marketing products. Adding […]

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Guest Blog: Ursula Kane Cafferty with ActiVacation ®

Posted on Wednesday April 7th 2021

At the end of 2020, Ursula Kane Cafferty successfully ran her Fund it crowdfunding campaign to create a brilliant new board game for all the family. Ursula garnered support from 110 generous funders, raising €10,750 to produce ActiVacation ®. We caught up with Ursula and asked her to share some thoughts about her campaign. It all began […]

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