Hosted Payment Pages

Posted on: Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 by fundit

Those of you familiar with funding projects on Fund it will notice a change to the process. Today we launched Hosted Payment Pages with Realex Payments. While Fund it has always been fully secure, we are keeping up with the most up-to-date security measures, and remaining fully PCI compliant.

The changes you will see:

1. As part of the change over, we took the opportunity to make the Fund it Button clearer. It now shows as a black ‘fund this project‘ button.


2. You will now be taken to a secure Hosted Payment Page in order to enter your card details, which will be processed by Realex Payments – an Irish company and world-leader in online payment security.

Your payment will still only be processed if and when the project finishes it’s fundraising successfully, and reaches its target.

3. When your pledge is complete, you will now see projects recommended for you so you can find other amazing creative projects to get involved in!


The Fund it Team!

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Announcing Crowdfunding Tools and Tech Developments

Posted on: Thursday, July 14th, 2016 by fundit

art boi179 Daniel Heaslip, Bank of Ireland, Lesley Tully, Bank of Ireland, Risteard O’Domhnaill, Atlantic, Andrew Hetherington, Fund it

This week, Bank of Ireland & Fund it announced the launch of a series of crowdfunding tools extensively discussing all aspects of crowdfunding and how to successfully raise funds through the site. On July 31st Ireland’s first Irish-specific crowdfunding manual will be released on Fund it. In partnership with Bank of Ireland, the Fund it team have also announced the latest phase of technological developments to the site, enabling faster submission & launch processes for creatives and entrepreneurs.

Over the last 5 years, Fund it has firmly established itself as Ireland’s leading reward-based crowdfunding platform for creative ideas. Having attracted pledges from 66 countries, over 1,300 projects across every county in Ireland have been funded. 65,000 people have successfully funded Irish performances, films, events and projects in music, science, art, fashion, publishing, tech and gaming since the site launched in March 2011.

Fund it is among the most successful reward-based crowdfunding websites globally, with a 71% success rate, and is run by the charity Business to Arts who support creative partnerships between business and the arts in Ireland. Project creators from across the creative industries encourage pledges to their idea by offering rewards linked to their project, and promoting them to their network. By doing this, it not only enables projects to attract financial support but also to build a new connection with their audiences and consumers.

The announcements were made in Galway where to date, 84 projects have successfully raised €362,803. 411 projects outside of Dublin have raised €1,594,562. One of Fund it’s most recent success stories saw Risteard Ó Domhnaill’s documentary Atlantic, narrated by Brendan Gleeson achieve incredible box office success. Over 760 funders pledged €45k to the production of this film and television project. Similarly, Waterford based GIY’s Grow HQ a unique food project raising over €21k.

2016 saw the launch of ‘Fund it Wednesdays’. These lively discussion sessions aim to give insight into all you need to know about crowdfunding as an alternative way to unlock funds for a start-up through engaging with your customers, friends or social media followers. Upcoming sessions include Wexford and Dublin.

1_Shane_Kenna_WeAllWorkTogether_WP_520 Created by Shane Kenna, Keep Sketch

In September 2015, Bank of Ireland announced a three-year investment and partnership with Fund it to further its support of Ireland’s entrepreneurs and creative sectors. This investment has empowered the team at Fund it to invest in and develop the technology of the site, continue to provide hands-on moderation and engage with new markets.

Andrew Hetherington, Chief Executive of Business to Arts and Fund it reflects on this milestone:

“With the announcement of our new technological developments with our partners Bank of Ireland we look forward to offering our users a further enhanced experience. supports Irish projects, both urban & regional, and we are constantly astounded by the innovation and creativity that emerges through various projects from all corners of the country. The newly published manual is a free resource for entrepreneurs and creatives seeking to raise money through crowdfunding”.

Commenting on the launch of Fund it’s new crowdfunding manual & technical developments, Dave Tighe, Head of Innovation, Bank of Ireland said:

“Bank of Ireland and Fund it began this journey less than a year ago. We are delighted to see the additional supports they now have in place with the crowd funding manual which along with the technical developments on their site will no doubt benefit both those who wish to crowd fund but also those who wish to support the campaigns.  Bank of Ireland supports entrepreneurs extensively across Ireland through a number of initiatives and our sponsorship with Fundit will help the next generation of talented professionals to start and succeed in their businesses.”

Fund it have undertaken extensive research of its user activities, and combined it with professional fundraising and crowdfunding expertise to create a comprehensive crowdfunding manual. This manual will also be available through the Business to Arts website.

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Development Update – It’s Live!

Posted on: Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 by fundit

We have a new Browse filter on the site called ‘Live’. Now you can see all the projects currently funding to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

So how do you find it?

At the top of any page on Fund it, click the ‘browse projects’ button

browse button


Once there, you’ll see a list of filters, including the new one called ‘Live’.

browse filters

Just click the link, and all the live Projects will appear… it’s that simple!

Happy funding!

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Development Update – Pagination

Posted on: Thursday, March 20th, 2014 by fundit

We realise we should be sharing some of the changes we’ve been busily and quietly making to the site, so that you can get a picture of what we are doing under the hood… Sure better late than never!

You might notice Fund it looking a little different from today, and performing a lot faster when you browse the site. That’s because we’ve introduced ‘Pagination’.

What’s ‘pagination’ when it’s at home?

When you browse through our categories or use the search function, the site will now show only 10 projects per page. At the bottom of the 10 projects will be these nifty buttons for getting you to the next 10 projects, and so on…

Pagination buttons

And Why?

It makes the time it takes to load pages lightning-fast! And it makes it easier to get around and search or browse through the hundreds of projects which have been live on the site over the last three years.

Projects will still be listed with the latest projects uploaded to the site showing first.

That’s it. Simple!

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