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Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy describes how uses “cookies” and other similar technologies, in connection with our website and related online services (for simplicity we refer to all such technologies as ‘cookies’). Please read this Cookie Policy carefully to ensure that you fully understand how and why we use cookies and related technologies. If you use our website with your browser set to accept cookies, you consent to our use of cookies as described in this policy. For information about how your personal information is used please see our Privacy Policy.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file consisting of letters and numbers that is placed on your computer or other device. Cookies enable our systems to recognise your device. Such recognition is necessary to for the efficient operation of our site and helps us understand how you engage with our website and also to provide certain features.

Does use cookies?


Do I have to agree to’s use of cookies?


If you do not consent to our use of cookies, you can set your browser settings to reject cookies. These settings are usually found in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your web browser. You can find more details about how to control cookies here. Alternatively, you can use the “Help” option in your web browser get more details.

A number of features of our services may not work or will be curtailed from working effectively without cookies. As a result, changing your browser settings to reject cookies may have a negative impact on your ability to use our website.

If you use our website with your web browser set to accept cookies, you consent to our use of cookies as described in this cookies policy. If you do not accept our use of cookies, you should either (a) immediately stop using our services or (b) use the settings described above to reject cookies. Our cookies will be set as soon as you browse to our website, however if you do not consent to the use of the cookies you can set your browser to reject cookies and remove those that have already been set.

Withdrawal of Your Consent

The consent you have given to store and read certain cookies can be withdrawn at any time by setting your browser to disable cookies and/or to remove all cookies from your browser. 

Changing browser settings

You can find out more about deleting and blocking cookies here and using your web browser’s “Help” option.

Who drops cookies when I use the Fund it website?

Many of the cookies dropped when you use our services are “first party cookies” (meaning cookies placed and read by Fund it directly). When a user is logged in to Fund it, Fund it generates a cookie which contains an access token to allow them to view private content such as their profile and manage their projects.

A number of our service providers also drop cookies when you use our services. These specialist “third party cookies” are not set by Fund it but are rather set by companies such as Google for website analytics purposes with our permission. Please read our partners’ privacy policies to ensure that you’re comfortable with the manner in which they use cookies:

What types of cookies are used on

We use both “session” and “persistent” cookies.

A session cookie is used to identify a particular visit to our site for users of the website who are logged in to their account. These cookies expire after a short time, or when you close your web browser after using our services.

A persistent cookie will remain on your devices for a set period of time specified in the cookie. We use these cookies where we need to identify you over a longer period of time.

Why are cookies used by

We use cookies for the following purposes:

Analytics – we use cookies to learn how you, and other users, use our services and how well they perform. This allows us to identify errors, learn how our services perform, and improve and develop our services over time.

Website Optimization – we use cookies to improve the operation and presentation of our website. This includes tracking our use of fonts, caching pages and identifying potential errors.


Please be aware that this Cookie Statement may change from time to time.

How do I contact to learn more?

If you have any questions about our use of cookies, feel free to contact us at or write to:

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