Creating Campaign Rewards

Posted on Thursday April 28th 2022


Rewards are used as more than just a thank you to Funders. They can be used to display your creative personality, entice Funders to pledge, and contribute to the success of your Fund it campaign. We’re sharing a bit of advice on how to create rewards that will bolster your crowdfunding campaign.


What are rewards?

Rewards are part of every Fund it campaign. While the minimum reward value is €5, there is no maximum amount! The standard menu is typically 5-7 rewards, ranging from €5 to €500, or more! When developing your rewards, consider what you and your team can offer with your talent and skills. They can be tangible rewards or experiences, just keep in mind the practicalities of offering them. Consider how and when you can deliver them.


Planning your rewards

Rewards represent your creative output and represent value to funders. Think creatively about what you / your team can offer and make sure to give it a personalised touch. Offer something that is only available through your Fund it campaign and you might find funders are more likely to support your project. At the same time, keep your rewards relevant to your project. For example, if you’re producing an album, offer items such as digital downloads or vinyl records as rewards. You can personalise them by writing notes and keep them exclusive by only signing those copies!


Terms and Conditions

When offering higher level rewards, consider your capacity to deliver them. For example, if you’re releasing an album and offering private concerts, how many concerts can you offer? This might be affected by your tour dates and other commitments. You can limit the number of rewards at certain levels so that it is within your capability to deliver them.  It’s important to include a ‘Terms and Conditions’ line in your rewards so that conditions are agreed upon before the event takes place.


Additional Costs

It’s important to include all additional costs in your rewards. If you’re delivering tangible items like a book, include postage and packaging costs! If you’re offering experiences, factor in the amount of time and travel it’ll take to deliver the reward. If you are travelling to deliver an experience to a funder (e.g. a house concert for a funder in West Cork!), this should be discussed with the funder to determine who will cover the cost of travelling, accommodation and any other costs you might incur. 


So there you have it… rewards are where you can sprinkle some magic and take your connection with your funders to the next level. And as always, our Fund it moderators are always available to help! If you want to know more about rewards, check out the Rewards Toolkit here:

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