Crowdfunding Blog: Running Your Second, Third (or even Eighth) Fund it Campaign

Posted on Wednesday September 11th 2019

Driving a successful campaign on Fund it takes hard work, guts and determination and nothing says determination more than repeat Fund it creators, like The Poetry Bus Magazine, a book of carefully curated poetry and illustration. The team of two, Collette and Peadar, have successfully raised funds for seven projects via Fund it and are just about to launch their EIGHTH crowdfunding campaign this September. With so many projects under their belt, we thought it was about time we found out more about their extensive crowdfunding experience.

Artist: Carl-Martin Sandvold

Tell us a little about how Poetry Bus has used crowdfunding as a regular fundraising tactic.

We tried a few times (unsuccessfully) to secure funding from The Arts Council of Ireland and realised we needed to find a different method to finance our small Indie press. Somebody recommended Fund it to us many years ago and we were happy to give it a go. We’ve always found it to be a convenient and easy-to-use way of funding our literary projects (seven successful campaigns to date and no failures!).

How has your crowdfunding experience developed over the years?

It’s changed very little over the years. We’re fortunate enough to have a supportive group of followers (via Facebook and Twitter) and every project has achieved its target. Sometimes we struggle and have to really push to crawl over the line and other times we fly way over it. It’s always an exhilarating, nail-biting roller coaster ride from beginning to end. Raising finances via Fund it is many things, but it’s never boring!

What has worked/not worked during the campaigns? Is there anything that stands out?

We’re fortunate that nothing has gone wrong for us throughout our seven campaigns but each required serious amounts of work on our part to keep the kettle boiling with updates, tweets and Facebook reminders. Humour can be a great tool to keep people interested and involved. Put FUN into your Fund it!

Our most recent campaign (for two books, The Death of Poetry, and, Triptych.) was perhaps the most pleasing as we raised 139% of our target within a couple of weeks.

What’s the most important element in your campaign planning phase?

It is important to choose the right duration for your Fund it campaign. In our experience we work better under pressure and go for a short campaign of two weeks maximum. We like to be focused and get our followers to be focused. It makes the process incredibly exciting and creates an atmosphere of drama.

Rewards must be carefully chosen too. They’re the most important element. It’s often simpler for us as our main rewards are our books. People are, in effect, simply pre-ordering copies.

What’s your TOP tip for creators thinking of launching a crowdfunding campaign?

Use social media. Get on to Facebook, get on to Twitter, follow people who share an interest in whatever you are creating. Tweet and post regularly with variety.

What’s your advice for anyone thinking of a second campaign or multiple campaigns?

Simply go for it!

What has surprised you most about the crowdfunding process?

The generosity, kindness and support of people you often don’t even know. The fact that people very much value and cherish the arts and are only too happy to help finance independent projects.

What impact has Fund it had on your projects / creative journey?

We’re not sure we’d exist without it. Stark but true.

What’s next for your creative journey?

We’ve just finished reading submissions for PB8 and are very excited about putting this issue of the magazine together. Of course we’ll be launching a Fund it campaign to raise the printing costs and hopefully our latest campaign will be just as successful as the previous seven!


Interested in running another campaign on Fund it? Contact one of our expert crowdfunding team today and get started.  

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