Dublin Fringe Festival 2019 – A Feast of Fringey Delights

Posted on Tuesday July 23rd 2019

Over the last few months we’ve supported an impressive roll call of talent on Fund it. This bunch of creatives has been tirelessly tapping into their networks and plugging their big ideas to raise critical funds for their shows at the 25th edition of the Dublin Fringe Festival. Altogether, the following seven projects have raised €21,665 from 626 Funders!!!

This year’s programme is a whopper feast of the wondrous and electrifying. We’ve put together a who’s who of the extraordinary artists who’ve smashed their targets on Fund it and are on their way to Fringe this September. Artists need support at every step of the way. So why not book a ticket to one of these shows and check out their responses to the focus of this year’s festival – power and pleasure.


NINE WEEKS – Seán Kennedy
Nine Weeks is a story of love, vulnerability, connection and reclaiming lost power. When Seán discovers his mother was terminally ill, he travels to Australia to bring her home. Things don’t go as planned. He’s trapped between two worlds. These nine weeks change them both forever. Classically trained tenor Seán Kennedy, celebrates his mother’s life, and all women that defy male oppression and abuse. Together with conductor Julie Shanley and her choral ensemble, they bring the sonorous performance world to life. Seán successfully raised just over €3,500 from 95 generous Funders in only SEVEN days!!


MY FRINGE SHOW – Sarah Deveraux
Sarah Devereux brings us a one-woman show for a one-person audience. Step into the Fringe salon and join Sarah in a box. Braiding together existential woes, and female anger, a tad emotionally unstable but in a cute, fun way. The show is an invitation to be in the moment. It might be a bit intimate, a bit uncomfortable, a bit fun. You even get to choose a character from a selection of fringe styles when booking tickets. The show’s just 10 minutes long, so you could grab a slot on your wait for the bus home! Sarah managed to raise just over €1,000 and tonnes of emotional support from 45 Funders!


Strive Theatre brings this new play by Shaunna Lee Lynch to Fringe. Wishful Thinking explores the mystical and materialistic aspects of self- improvement culture. A story about returning home, Siobhán is back in East Cork. Fresh off the boat from London, her journalism career didn’t hit the dizzying heights she hoped it might. Siobhán discovers her mother and cousin Mags have adopted new age spiritual practices to help cope with a death in the family. While worshipping at the altar of self-help, they try to encourage the deeply cynical and newly nihilistic Siobhán out of her slump. The guys at Strive raised €1,900 with the support of 41 Funders to get this show in top shape for Fringe.


COMPOSTELA – Miriam Needham
It’s June 2018, and Dawn no longer has to walk for miles knocking on doors for Repeal – instead she just has to walk to Santiago. No one said it was easy but neither did anyone say that your toes might explode, which would’ve been nice to know. Written and performed by Miriam Needham and directed by Donal O’Kelly, this darkly funny solo show uses physical theatre storytelling and magical realism to explore activist burnout, loneliness, and disconnection. Miriam and her creative team raised just over €2,200 in 21 days from 68 Funders.


LOSING YOUR BODY – Rachel Ní Bhraonáin
A story about a dancer who’s got all the trappings for success — a flat in London, a flexible day job, trendy friends and the occasional gig go-go dancing. But as she keeps hustling, her migraines are getting worse. Will she get her big break or will she get to breaking point? Using theatre, dance, aerial and a healthy dose of self-deprecation, performer Rachel Ní Bhraonáin lets the truth bubble to the surface. This project successfully raised €2,650 with the support of 96 Funders


MINEFIELD – Clare Monnelly
Clare Monnelly and her creative team bring this new show about choices to Fringe. We all have choice. We all have autonomy. But one wrong move can shift opinion. No one wants to be on the wrong side of history. The mob are out for blood. Who’s next? Joe was a really big deal. Before the video that turned the tide. Jack had a following too, but in a very different way. Cillian was just a kid. This play digs deep into the darkness of the online world in an attempt to put a human face on anonymous hate. A gigantic 200 Funders supported this project, bringing the total raised to just over €7,500!


STARLET – Alison Spittle
Westmeath 2008. Shannon wants a lad with a car. Michael drives a Starlet. Grand job so. A dark comedy about the young people forgotten by the boom, the bust and the national broadband scheme. Directed by Simon Mulholland and starring Roxanna Nic Liam and Peter McGann, this is the debut play from writer Alison Spittle. The Starlet team raised around €2,500 from 81 Funders to bring their show to Fringe.

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