Crowdfunding Tips: Fringe Shows Part 2

Posted on Thursday June 7th 2018

In our second blogpost about creating a successful Fringe project on Fund it, we caught up with Carla Rogers, Associate Producer at Malaprop Theatre…

Malaprop Theatre – ‘LOVE+ and BlackCatfishMusketeer’

MALAPROP is a Dublin-based collective of emerging theatre-makers. Last year the Malaprop crew took not one but TWO shows, LOVE+ and BlackCatfishMusketeer on the road and crowdfunded for a mystery festival. That festival turned out to be Edinburgh Fringe. They smashed their target of €4,000 in 4 weeks and had a great wee time in Scotland!

Q1. What was the most important element of the campaign for you when planning it?

  • Planning our messaging in advance: We had a four week campaign so we mapped out what our key message for each week would be. Of course we had organic content that went out whenever it was required, but planning ahead meant we could schedule content and push messages out in a more structured way.
  • Fulfilment of rewards: When planning our rewards, we carefully considered what we had to do at the other end of the campaign. Fulfilling delivery of rewards is time-consuming so we had to think about the different factors that would affect delivery and our own workloads.
  • Structured Rewards: It was really important to look at the best level of rewards to target our funders with. It’s not one size fits all!

Q2. What worked during the campaign?

  • Weekly Content: We prepared our weekly content and had it ready to go – fun things like Gifs take time but with them prepared it was easy to post and update them with some additional, more immediate messaging.
  • Record keeping: We kept a record of who responded to what posts – what was getting more traction and what wasn’t. It was a full-time job keeping track of this as well as looking at the number of funders per day.
  • Team lead: As associate producer, I took on the responsibility of running the Fund it campaign. I needed a few hours each day to monitor our progress, keep track of our comms and give the team updates. We kept track of who we contacted on a shared spreadsheet which helped ensure we didn’t overlap and contact the same people.

Q3. What surprised you most about the process?
What surprised us most was the range of people who responded and how invested they were in the show. We didn’t know some of our funders so it was great to get some new fans! Also, the Fund it campaign became a type of marketing tool for the show in itself, which worked out pretty well.

If that’s got your creative juices flowing, why not check out the Fund it Creator Handbook and submit your project to get started. 

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