Crowdfunding Tips: Fringe Shows Part 3

Posted on Friday June 8th 2018

In our final installment of our Fund it Fringe Series, we got the lowdown from Denis Horan, Producer at We Get High Collective…

We Get High Collective – ‘Normal’

We Get High Collective was established in 2012 with the goal of creating work exploring politics, corruption, psychosis, vulnerability and issues of the contemporary world. At last year’s Fringe, the company premiered their new show ‘Normal’. Their 14 day campaign raised just over €5,000 and the show got nominated for a hat-trick of awards – Best Performer, Best New Writing and First Fortnight Award.

Q1. What was the most important element of the campaign for you when planning it?
Planning rewards: Think very carefully about value. Whether it is monetary or non-monetary. Funders are more interested in what money can’t buy – things like experiences, access, the personal touch.

Q2. What worked during the campaign?

  • Using regular updates and thank you messages: Spread the word and spread the love as much as possible!
  • Integrating messaging: We tried to monitor what was happening throughout the campaign and integrate this into our messaging, rather than just have generic posts.
  • Timing is crucial: Think about payday. Funders can commit a pledge but won’t have to pay until the campaign ends.
  • Shout-outs to people: Everyone likes to feel that their contribution is valued. We were able to give shout-outs to people by monitoring who funded us each day.

Q3. What surprised you most about the process?

  • The generosity of people – all the people!
  • The speed of the campaign – it flew by and at times we needed to remind ourselves to keep calm and stay focussed
  • Timing of when to approach people – different people respond better at different stages of the campaign

So there you have it. Three different projects on Fund it that aced their campaigns, raised their Fringe funding and picked up some new fans along the way. All three project creators agreed their Fund it campaigns took a while to get prepped and go live so one final tip – submit your project early and get talking to the Fund it team!

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