Fund it is 8 today!

Posted on Thursday March 21st 2019

Today is Fund it’s 8th birthday and celebrations have begun at HQ!

We’ve seen eight years of creatives crowdfunding their ideas on our platform. Eight years of funders generously supporting exciting projects. Eight years of a thriving creative community using our platform to access untapped sources of funding.

Over the last eight years, over 80,000 pledges from funders has resulted in over €4.5 million paid to over 1,000 creative projects across Ireland through Fund it. We’re proud of the impact Fund it has had in supporting so many creative projects including projects in our recently expanded category list.

Every year for our birthday we collaborate with a past project collaborator to create an illustration and this year we’ve got a whopper. Fuchsia MacAree has been making waves across Ireland and far beyond with her original and bewitching illustrations. We asked Fuchsia to think about Fund it as a whole – a creative community. We want to give a nod to everyone who’s a part of that community – whether you’re are project creator, funder, follower or ambassador of Fund it. Her illustrations represent our vision of creativity – it’s not only integral for creatives, but it’s also vital for society, business and individuals. Above is the Tech category illustration!

Get Involved

If you’d like to celebrate our birthday, share your #FunditFlashback on Thursday 21st March. Whether you’re a project creator, a funder or an all-round supporter, share your favourite Fund it memory on Twitter with the tag #FunditFlashback and celebrate being part of Fund it’s mission to support crowdfunding and creativity.

Getting involved is simple:

Step 1
Think about your fondest memory related to a Fund it campaign – did you meet your Funders face-to-face? Did the creator Skype you in a far-away land? Did you pledge and get an unforgettable experience as your reward?

Step 2
Tweet with your memory and photos including our Twitter handle @Fundit and the tag #FunditFlashback


*You can find more of Fuchsia’s epic work here!

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