Fund it Turns 11!

Posted on Wednesday March 23rd 2022


Today, Fund it turns 11! Can you believe we’ve been helping Project Creators crowdfund for 11 years? It’s amazing how many creative projects, connections and events our crowdfunding platform has brought together. Since its creation in 2011, Fund it has raised over €5.2 m for over 1,680 projects across Ireland. In the last year, we saw projects like the amazing stop motion animation Bovina Creamcracker Buttermilk, the impressive publication  100 Women of Limerick and a compendium of the best contemporary Irish Advertising and Design from ICAD.

To celebrate our birthday, we asked Grace Enemaku to create a design symbolising the strength in our community of creators, funders and supporters and the positivity they bring every day! grace is an award-winning, Nigerian-Irish multidisciplinary designer and illustrator from Dublin. Her work is filled with colour and playful shapes, featuring a diverse cast of characters. She recently co-founded Design-Opp, an IDI initiative to champion diversity for people of colour in the Irish design and creative industry. She won a 100 Archive Award in 2020 for her Dublin Vinyl record packaging and has exhibited with Hen’s Teeth, Music, Memory and the Night and Where Are The Black Designers. Here, she describes her design:

“The past couple of years have been difficult and I wanted to portray the strength and resilience of the creators that have made it through and show how they weathered the storm together. So each of the 12 categories that Fund it serves are linked together in a circle representing unity with happy people celebrating the 11th birthday in the centre. The colour scheme and motifs are bright, conveying positivity and hope for the future.”


You can find more information about Grace Enemaku and her work here:


IG/TikTok: @enemaku

Twitter: @GraceEnemaku


Interested in crowdfunding in 2022 with a trusted platform? Fund it is run by the charity Business to Arts an organisation that supports creative partnerships between business and the arts in Ireland. Project Creators not only gain financial support from pledges they also grow their network by offering tailored rewards to funders. These rewards create a unique connection between creator and funder and we are proud to play our part in forging these bonds!


Speak to one of our expert team today and get ready to crowdfund your way to success!

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