Fund it Wednesday Webinar, 14th October – Heritage Projects

Posted on Friday October 2nd 2020

Crowdfunding advice from the experts

Wednesday, 14th October
7pm – 8pm, Online on Zoom

In recent times heritage groups and organisations have increasingly turned to crowdfunding sites to raise funds for heritage projects they are passionate about.

In this webinar, you will gain a firm insight into the basics of running a crowdfunding campaign from start to finish. We will demystify the world of crowdfunding to enable you to get a better understanding of how crowdfunding can be used as an alternative way to fund your heritage project.

Specific focus will be given to understanding the key ingredients of a campaign, from crafting your pitch, to setting your goal and creating rewards that are compelling and realistic.

It is important that your pitch is shaped and formulated intelligently in order to maximise your chances of being successfully funded. For this webinar we will be joined by Rosemarie Noone, Business Developer at the Hunt Museum. The museum team recently successfully raised over €17,000 via Fund it for their “Fund a Cobble” campaign. We’ll also delve into some case studies of other heritage projects to learn how they successfully reached their target via Fund it.

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Speaker Details
Rosemarie Noone, Business Developer, The Hunt Museum

The Hunt Museum recently completed their crowdfunding campaign “Fund a Cobble” to raise funds to create a Museum in a Garden. The garden will be a sanctuary and community space with Hunt Museum super-size replicas for all to enjoy. The museum successfully raised over €17,700 with the support of 224 generous funders.


Colm O’Tuathalain, Fahan Heritage Group

Fahan Heritage Group successfully raised €15,000 in 2019 via Fund it for their campaign “Save Saint Mura’s Cross“.  The goal of the project was to raise funds to protect Saint Mura’s cross from further erosion and stabilise the remaining church gable. This was a cooperative project with the Heritage Council of Ireland. The campaign was part of the wider mission of the group which has two main goals – (1) To protect Saint Mura’s cross from further erosion (2) To render sound the crumbling remains of the surviving church gable. The early monastic site is located in the village of Fahan between Buncrana and Derry. Saint Mura, patron saint of the O’Neills, founded the monastery in the late 6th century.

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