Crowdfunding Tips: Fringe Shows Part 1

Posted on Wednesday June 6th 2018

Woah! Is that the whisper of FRINGE we hear through the warm summer breeze? Yep, that’s right – it’s Fringe time of year again. If you’re one of those busy peeps who’s gearing up for a tea-filled summer of rehearsals and scramble for funding for your TOP SECRET project, then check out our special Fringe blogposts this week.

We asked three successful project creators from last year’s Fringe Fest season about their Fund it experience. First up…

Timmy Creed – ‘Spliced’

Timmy Creed is an actor, writer and producer from Cork City. He works on both the stage and the screen. Timmy raised a whopper €7,460 on Fund it for ‘Spliced’, a brand new multi-disciplinary performance that looks at the world of the GAA from his own perspective. It was his debut into writing, nailing his target in just 14 days!

Q1. What are your 3 top tips for a successful Fund it campaign?

  • Personal video: We wanted to have a strong personal video, that showed the location, or very similar, some action from the show as well as the performer talking honestly about why and who the work was made for. We suggested our audience and these were the people who mostly contributed as funders.
  • Intriguing Rewards: The rewards reflected what we thought our chosen audience would like but we also tried to intrigue them with other less obvious but interesting rewards. The most important element was having as many people willing to share and spread the word on social media on a daily basis.
  • Media Coverage: We managed to get some PR coverage during the campaign on a national scale which helped to spread the word. Having the support of was a huge bonus.

Q2. What worked during the campaign?

  • Daily/twice daily shares on Facebook from all the members of the team
  • National and local press during the campaign that linked or mentioned the Fund it page
  • Not being afraid to constantly remind people for the duration of the campaign even if you feel it is annoying
  • Personal emails to relatives or target audience members
  • A few popular sports people shared our Fund it page on their Twitter feed

Q3. What surprised you most about the process?
I was humbled and inspired by the amount of people who were willing to fund the project. The response was rapid and generous and it made me realise how supportive people can be when you are honest and willing to put yourself out there. I have spoken to many of the funders since the campaign. I am always surprised at how much they care and ask about the project and how they feel part of the creative process.

To find out more about how to submit your project to Fund it, check out the Creator Handbook or contact our team

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