Crowdfunding Tips: Actress Amy De Bhrún

Posted on Thursday January 31st 2019

Actress Amy De Bhrún has become a keen favourite for audiences both in Ireland and further afield with her series of one-woman theatre shows. Her latest show ‘I See You’ is a female-led piece of theatre, inspired by the life of Limerick-born aviator and trailblazer Lady Mary Heath. Not only did Amy write and perform this piece, she also smashed a crowdfunding campaign on Fund it. Many performers wonder what it’s like to put yourself out there with a crowdfunding campaign, so we asked Amy to share her experience.

What was the most important element of your campaign at the planning stage?
Planning press & publicity was critical to my campaign. I planned the story and hook around my project carefully so I could pitch a compelling case to my audience. The message was strong and clear – this was an important story that needed to be told (the fact that I was crowdfunding was not the main message). This meant that both press as well as friends and family had a greater understanding of what the project was about. I also created a strong, engaging video which conveyed the same message.

What worked during the campaign / what didn’t work?
I had a really strong intention from the outset and this was a key throughout the campaign. Not only did it keep me focused, it also drove home the key message that this story had to be made from start to finish!

Asking for money is not easy and it was tough to embrace the vulnerability around this. However I persevered. I found Instagram stories an effective channel to ask honestly. While it can be awkward, showing my human side paid off and I saw a spike in pledges.

What surprised you most about the process?
I was amazed at the scope of people who funded the project. The project reached people I hadn’t seen for years and they were still willing to support my art.

What is your TOP tip for creators thinking of launching a crowdfunding campaign?
Be very clear about your project – by this I mean make your marketing plan as strategic as possible. I asked myself questions – why do I need people to fund the project? Why am I going down the crowdfunding route and how can I explain this (beyond just needing money). Why will people support my project?

What’s next for your project / creative journey?
I’m planning to tour ‘I See You’ nationally in 2019, take it to London and then hopefully tour internationally.


You can find out more about Amy on her website or follow her on Twitter or Instagram


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