Guest Blog: Musician Úna Keane

Posted on Wednesday August 26th 2020

At the end of 2018, piano virtuoso Úna Keane successfully ran her second Fund it crowdfunding campaign to create a minimalist piano music album. Building on her 2017 Piano Solo LP “As I Wake, Still I Dream”, her new album “In the Deep” expanded to include Electronics, Soundscapes and an old Typewriter. Úna garnered support from 90 generous funders, raising €10,120 and launching her album to much acclaim in December 2019. We caught up with this talented musician and asked her to share some thoughts about her second campaign on Fund it.

1. What was the most important element of your campaign plan?

Clearly articulating what I wanted to achieve. It may seem like such an obvious thing to say, but it’s super important to get people on board and excited from the start. In my opinion, the campaign video is the most valuable tool to achieve this. I kept it simple and created mine with iMovie.

2. What worked during the campaign / what didn’t work?

I found a well thought-out rewards plan with a personal touch connected best with Funders. Also, keeping people up to date with how the campaign was going – without overdoing it – seemed to work well.

3. What surprised you most about the process?

The support from press & radio! When you put yourself out there and ask for help, it’s amazing how people will rally to help get the word out. I was blown away by the support. Also, it takes a lot of work to maintain the momentum of the campaign over the course of the campaign, so you really need to be prepared to put the work in. Clear the decks and focus on the campaign: it requires stamina & creativity.

4. What is your TOP tip for creators thinking of launching a crowdfunding campaign?

Think carefully about the rewards you want to offer. Offer something quite personal if you can. For example, I sold one of my pianos which generated a lot of interest.

5. What impact did Fund it have on your project / creative journey?

Fund it has had a huge impact on my creative journey. I’m a great believer in manifesting things. Everything starts with an idea. Fund it helped me turn my ideas into a reality. It’s the doing that’s important. By allowing yourself to be vulnerable (in a good way) and asking for help to achieve your goals, you learn a lot about yourself – about self-confidence, drive, determination.

6. What’s next for your project / creative journey?
I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve received through both my Fund it Campaigns. They enabled me to release my 2017 album “As I Wake, Still I Dream” & “In the Deep”, which came out at the end of 2019. COVID-19 may have put a spanner in the works in terms of touring. (I had to cancel UK & mainland European tour dates I had planned for April & May 2020). However there are a couple of exciting projects in the pipeline. There’s a live album in the works from my headline show at the Pepper Canister Church in Dublin on March 5th. Some really amazing musicians came and played with me on the night, and it was all recorded. This is due for release in autumn 2020. Writing has started on a new studio album too, slated for 2021 release. I’m also enjoying the chance to work on a few film scoring projects, as well as a project that’s long been put on the long-finger: a book of Sheet music, drawing on work from my last two albums.

You can find listen and discover Úna’s music and upcoming projects here.

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