International Women’s Day 2018 – A Shout Out to All Inspirational Female Project Creators!

Posted on Thursday March 8th 2018

March 8th is International Women’s Day – a campaign that celebrates the amazing achievements of women throughout history right up to present day. Here at Fund it, we see inspiring projects from women on a daily basis, so IWD 2018 is the perfect opportunity to reflect on how crowdfunding relates to women and to celebrate female project creators who have reached their targets with inspiring crowdfunding campaigns on Fund it.

A recent study by PwC and The Crowdfunding Centre found that women are less likely than men to access online crowdfunding platforms to fund their projects and businesses. However what’s interesting is that when they do tap into these funding platforms (like Fund it) female-led campaigns outperform male-led projects. The study analysed 450,000 crowdfunding campaigns over two years across the globe and found women-led projects were 32% more likely to reach their target than projects carried out by men. For Europe, the figure was 14%.

The report suggests that women tend to be better at raising funds through crowdfunding because the model itself attracts more female funders than traditional venture capital. Our own research found that 54% of Fund it users are female so the reported gender trend is reflected in Fund it’s community.

The findings show that in a world of digital disruption, women are striving forward and cementing the path for even more women to access new routes to funding like crowdfunding.

So to all the amazing female project creators on Fund it past and present – we salute you! You are taking your creative destiny into your own hands and using crowdfunding to make success a reality! Empowering yourself with the tools to make a creative idea is not gender specific but with more women signing up to such a platform, this can inspire more women and their male counterparts to follow their example – pushing boundaries and pursuing dreams.

Here are the top 5 female-led projects on Fund it with the most amount of money raised from 2017

1. Elaine FallonBrookwood Pottery Project
2. Máire Carroll – Solo Piano Album
3. Emily SticklandA Change Can Happen
4. Fiona KennedyNew Album
5. Kari Cahill & Hazel Mc CagueTOMBOLO – A Site Responsive Art Project


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