Seven Deadly Sins to AVOID when Submitting a Project

Posted on Thursday April 21st 2011

SLOTH – Crowdfunding isn’t a doddle! Before submitting your project to Fund it, take sufficient time to look at other projects on the website, read the FAQ’s and the Terms & Conditions. You need to allow plenty of time to learn how crowdfunding works, to develop the perfectly written proposal, to work out your fundraising […]

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Week Four Update

Posted on Monday April 18th 2011

Well, four weeks in, and it seems the Fund it chatter is constant – online, in print and on the airwaves. The projects we launched with have all reached at least 58% of their targets, and we’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback about the idea and the site itself. New projects are being added regularly too, […]

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A BIG Thank You!

Posted on Thursday April 14th 2011

So many thank you's

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