Project Prep: Tips on Submitting Your Project to Fund it

Posted on Tuesday May 31st 2022

Thinking of crowdfunding your next project but aren’t sure how or what to share with funders? We’ll share what to include in your description, how to write about yourself as a project creator, and additional elements for an outstanding crowdfunding campaign. 

Two types of descriptions: Detailed and Brief

There are two types of descriptions when writing your project. A 180 character description appears on the project summary on the Homepage, so keep this one short and simple! The second is a 500 character description to share about your project, why you want to raise funds, and when the project will be completed. 

What should you include in your description? (Who, what, when, where, why)

When writing the description, you can follow the model of Who, What, When, Where and Why. First, tell funders what the project is! Funders might be reading about the project for the first time, so be sure to include any necessary details. Tell funders who you are and who will be a part of the project. Explain when and where the project is taking place. Share the why behind the project so funders can see the bigger picture. 

What should you include about yourself as the project creator?

It’s important to tell funders about yourself! Whether you are directly creating the project or have taken on a cast and crew, telling funders about yourself creates a sense of connection. Your project description should include a short biography of you as the project creator and/or the team the project includes. Include any relevant work you’ve done in the past. Successful crowdfunding campaigns or accomplishments are great to share.

What else should you include?

Include photos and videos to show funders who you are and the project’s progress so far! A video adds a personal touch to the project. Photos of the project idea or its progress show that it is something amazing. Focus on showing the project rather than branding of the organisation. Include links to websites so funders can find out more!



Still feeling like you need a little extra help? The Fund it moderators are always available! For more resources and tips, check out our Creator Handbook and FAQs to get all your questions answered:

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