The Power of Great User Profiles…

Posted on Friday November 9th 2012

Your profile is a really great way to get more involved with Fund it and engage with your potential funders. Signing up to Fund it will automatically generate a basic user profile, so if you are thinking of running your own Fund it campaign or funding projects regularly, you should enhance your profile and allow people to find a little more information about you. By doing so, you will add a more personal touch, generate trust in you and your project and show your audience that you are an engaged part of the Fund it community. People really do look at user profiles, so why not make the most of it? Tell your story, upload a snazzy pic, and share the love by supporting and engaging with projects that feature on the site and interest you!

Stray Lines Profile

How to create a killer profile…

1. When you sign up for an account or log in, select the ‘my account’ button

2. Choose the ‘Personal settings’ option, which will bring you to your user profile

3. Choose a square photo – It’s great to have a really eye catching photo, or one that really speaks volumes about you.  If it’s not the right size, it will display stretched and distorted and might make you look silly. The recommended settings for your photos are 500px X 500px (square) and less than 1MB. To upload the picture, select the ‘edit profile image’ button.

4. Add your weblinks – Another great opportunity to allow people to find more information about you/your project and encourage them to support your cause, is to put links to relevant social media sites, personal websites, blogs, or group sites on your profile page.  Remember, your URL will be shortened to the domain name. eg.

5. Alias/Company/Organisation Name. As well as the contact details you entered when signing up, you can fill in plenty more information. The first of the goodies you can add is an alias. This is not just for caped crusaders, but is great for groups, bands, organisations and companies too.  This will be the name used on your profile, and as both a funder and a project creator. You have a maximum of 30 characters… so be concise!

6. Permalink. A permalink is a specific URL that points to a user profile on Fund it that remains unchanged indefinitely. By filling this in, you create a personalised and meaningful URL instead of a random generated number. Type your alias or own name at the end of the ‘ people can find you easily and you can use it again and again for new projects. REMEMBER to think carefully about this as once done, it cannot be undone.

7. Your County – If you are based in Ireland, you can select the county you are based in. For project creators, this is always a good way for getting local support!

8. Your biography – This doesn’t have to be your life story, but give people a sense of who you are, and why you’re passionate about creativity. This is the first thing people will look for when they view your profile, so don’t leave it out! This really lets people know that you’re interested in telling your story, in the creative community, and getting to know your funders. Although there’s a 500 word max, about half that amount is usually plenty. Here’s an example. Amy de Bhrun who recently funded her project ‘Life at The United Solo Festival NYC’.

9. Update my details – The last, but definitely not the least, on this page is the ‘update my details’ button. Don’t forget to save your changes by selecting this button at the bottom of the page.

When you have done this, start sharing the love! By supporting other projects, even with the minimum amount, you learn how to use the site and become part of our community. Those you have supported are more likely to support you in return, and use their networks to spread the word if your project is something they are excited about. REMEMBER the projects you have funded will show on your user profile unless you have chosen to fund the projects anonymously. By supporting other projects, you show that you believe in the practice of crowdfunding, are passionate about seeing creative projects happen , and that you have tried and tested Fund it for yourself.

– Written by: Claire FitzGerald

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