Seven Deadly Sins to AVOID when Submitting a Project

Posted on Thursday April 21st 2011

SLOTH – Crowdfunding isn’t a doddle! Before submitting your project to Fund it, take sufficient time to look at other projects on the website, read the FAQ’s and the Terms & Conditions. You need to allow plenty of time to learn how crowdfunding works, to develop the perfectly written proposal, to work out your fundraising target, to craft a series of rewards and to produce a video that will attract funders.

GREED – Work out your fundraising target carefully! Your peers will know how much it costs to publish a book/produce a CD/create an event etc. If you are not realistic with your budget, people may question whether your target is the actual amount you require.

PRIDE – Take pride in creating a quality submission and the fact that you are considering using Fund it as a way to raise funds. Ask your friends, fans and followers if they would be willing to support your campaign before you submit your project to the website, so you have a ground-swell of support to get you going right away. Remember, Fund it does not provide the funders for your project; you will need to get your network to support your idea.

LUST – Make your rewards as creative and desirable as possible, and choose your price points carefully. If your rewards are attractive, creative and good value, you will be more likely to reach your fundraising target quickly. If you are having difficulty developing your rewards, consider asking your friends/fans/followers for ideas, or how they could help supply rewards for your fundraising campaign.

ENVY – Is good in small doses! You should have a good look at the projects that have been successful already on Fund it and take time to learn from their campaigns – both what worked, and just as importantly, what didn’t work. Don’t be afraid to approach other Creators that have been successful on Fund it or other websites, to ask them what to look out for and avoid.

GLUTONY – Most people have more than one great idea that they’d like to seek funding for. If you are considering submitting more than one project (either at the same time, or in quick succession) ask yourself ‘who will support this project?’ If you are going to ask the same people to support more than one project, they may experience fatigue with your request for support quickly.

ANGER – Don’t shoot the messenger! Please don’t take offence if we have some ‘straight-to-the-point’ comments about your project. We have a team of moderators who are very familiar with the cultural and creative industries and have spent a lot of time understanding what does and doesn’t work in crowdfunding. If they spot something that you have omitted in your submission, or something they feel won’t be successful, they will let you know by phone or email, and where possible they will make recommendations. However, please be aware that we are receiving a large amount of submissions and it may take us time to get to yours.

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