‘Top Tips’ for New Project Creators – learn from others’ mistakes!

Posted on Tuesday August 23rd 2011

We want to make life as easy as possible for new project creators on Fund it, so we asked those who have had projects successfully funded on the site what they’ve learned, and what their top tips are in relation to running a crowdfunding campaign on Fund it.  We reckon they know what they’re talking about as they’re all speaking from experience.

Here’s what they said so far:

• Prepare your project pitch with the passion and enthusiasm it deserves

• Keep your message clear and use language that is simple and to the point.  Potential funders should understand what the project is about in the first paragraph of text, so don’t waffle!

• Upload a short video, it’s a great communication tool. Some of our funders said our video made their mind up to support our project

• Build a small margin of error into your funding target to cover credit card transaction failures

• Set aside the time to plan and run your marketing campaign both online and offline. Treat the campaign like a full-time job, and make time to keep working on it. If people see you working hard on your campaign, they’re more likely to take you seriously and will assume you will work just as hard to make your project happen

• Ensure that all the people involved in the project are on board to promote it to their contacts and networks – the bigger your target, the bigger your network should be

• Consider hosting some mini-events during your campaign to remind people of the time left and the amount still to raise

• Remember that the publicity generated during the campaign can be very valuable..  It can help to build your audience by reaching out to new people, and also raises awareness of micro-philanthropy for the creative sector. Remain enthusiastic and positive throughout your campaign.  There will be highs and lows, but don’t stop until you reach your target

• Be creative when communicating with your network.  Rather than just posting the link to Fund it on social media platforms, think about including other interesting links or information in your daily posts to engage people

• Emphasise the ‘all or nothing’ policy of Fund it

• Prepare well – not just for your Fund it submission, but also how you will promote it once live.  Know what you will be doing to promote it the first day it goes live, and everyday thereafter

• Be polite – you’re asking people to give you money in advance of getting their reward

• Deliver your rewards as promptly and professionally as you would like to receive them; you never know who you are dealing with!

• Listen to the Fund it team’s advice; they know what they’re talking about

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