Top tips for preparing a pre-sales campaign!

Posted on Wednesday September 1st 2021

Crowdfunding is a great way to finance your next publication, album or creative project. As Fund it is rewards-based, it’s a great platform to launch your future product! Don’t take our word for it though, check out these campaigns that ran successful pre-sales-style campaigns: 

History Book:




Why run a pre-sales campaign via Fund it

Do you need to generate some cash before being able to deliver on your creative product? A pre-sales campaign might be perfect for you! The power of crowdfunding allows you to generate money at an early stage, taking advantage of the largely untapped resource of your social network and personal connections. 

An advantage to running a pre-sales campaign via Fund it, is that you don’t have to come up with campaign specific awards – your final product becomes that reward to those who contribute. Offering your album, publication, or a ticket to a production gives you peace of mind knowing that your funders are getting something in return for their contributions. We firmly believe that project creators should have enough confidence in their rewards (i.e. your finished product) that they should think of it as selling as opposed to seeking donations.

Top tips from the Fund it team:  

  1. Your social network is your most important target group. This includes your immediate close connections and their connections. Those who contribute to your campaign are usually much more invested in you and the project than a normal customer. Have a solid plan of action for your communications strategy before going live! Devote time to reaching out to your community every day. 
  2. Although your main objective is to make money by offering your product as the reward for contributions, funders could potentially contribute more than just the amount your product is worth. Think about adding some extra incentives for larger reward amounts. 
  3. BE REALISTIC. Calculate how many pre-sales are required to reach your goal. Fund it is an all-or-nothing platform so if you don’t reach your goal, you don’t receive any of your funds. In reality – only about 10% of your social media base will actually contribute. 
  4. Your product should be desirable and deliverable. Make sure you deliver what you promised, and while there is an element of goodwill people will want to receive a unique product.  
  5. Keep your funders updated. If you’re sending your book to the printers or your album is going to be ready for your funders by Christmas, let everyone know! Likewise, if there’s a delay with delivery of your product, be honest. While many of your funders will be eager to get their rewards in their hands, the majority will also understand that there can be bumps in the road. 


It may seem a bit too early to whisper the c-word… (Christmas)… but if you want to get your product into your funders’ hands by then, now’s the time to submit your project! As always, the Fund it team is available to chat about any queries you may have. 

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