Whip Your Festival Campaign Into Shape!

Posted on Friday May 4th 2018

After a rough winter, there’s finally that fresh feeling of summer in the air which can only mean one thing. Festival season! At Fund it, Festival season is the most wonderful time of year and we’re so excited to get involved with making your festival dreams a reality. There are loads of fun things you can do with an event or festival crowdfunding campaign and we’ve put together some pointers on how to get creative with your Fund it rewards.


1. An Experience that Funders just can’t resist
Supporters are attracted to Fund it because of the unique experiences offered. A yoga meditation session, craft making workshops, behind the scenes tours, a meet and greet with musicians…. the list is endless! Be as creative as possible and ensure you’re giving your pledgers an experience they won’t forget.


2. Festival Season A.K.A. Party Season
A lot of hard work goes into getting a festival or a show on its feet. Fundraising, planning, programming, marketing etc… But it’s not all hard work and no play! Often festivals involve fun launches and parties. Pledgers typically love the opportunity to rub shoulders with the organisers and performers of a festival. A little VIP treatment goes a long way and can be very appealing to potential pledgers.


3. There’s one for everyone in the audience!
They say a gift is as big as the heart that gives it, so what better way to show your gratitude than a token of appreciation. Gifts and personal touches always go down a real treat with pledgers. A signed copy of a script or their face on a t-shirt are just ideas to play with, be inventive! Give your supporters something they’d be proud to put on their mantel piece.


4. The Golden Ticket
Why not give pledgers the exclusive opportunity to receive pre-sale tickets?
It’s an easy reward to deliver on and creates a buzz around your event as good news travels fast! Perhaps they will encourage friends to purchase tickets, turning it into a group outing.


5. Phone a Friend
Our Fund it team love to get creative with project creators to help get a campaign up and running. Start your Festival crowdfunding campaign with Fund it today and we will be with you every step of the way!

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