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Posted on Sunday January 1st 2017

The Best of 2016 – Find out which projects are in the cool gang

Before we launch ourselves into 2017, let’s take a minute to see who was top notch and ones to watch in 2016. Trends we spotted across Fund it in 2016 were an increase in projects by Social Enterprises and Small Businesses; and the Music category is still the topping the charts.

Big Spenders

5 projects with the most amount of money raised
1. Free Feet Medical *Social Enterprise
2. Seán Hurley 1916 Commemorative statue
3. Zeminar – A Life Changing Day *Social Enterprise
4. ZASKA Debut Album
5. Furniture Crush *Small Business

The Popular Kids

The 5 projects with the most Funders
1. ZASKA Debut Album
2. Them’s the Breaks
3. OUR TABLE *Social Enterprise
4. This is How we Fly – Second Album
5. Frankenstein Bolts – New Album

Blew Their Top

5 projects that went furthest above their target!
1. James O Connor new EP “Day by Day”
2. project:ULTIMATE
3. Black Box to Red Carpet Theatre Company
4. Traitor
5. Flights of Fancy: Art Exhibition

Will your project make the list in 2017? Get that first resolution ticked off and submit your project now!

Here’s to a mega New Year from the Fund it Team

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