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By Sarah Devereux



Thank you for clicking in :) Please take a minute to read my ORT CRY!

I am trying to raise those sweet sweet €€€ so that I can create a show that I'm very excited by!

It's part comedy/ cabaret/ theatre/art installation/ gift shop. It's somewhat combining all of my creative ventures in one!


Art + Design + Comedy + Performance + Merchandise!!

It is going to be an intensely awkward, silly, existential, dark, bonkers + ridiculous show!
Full o' plenty of wigs!!!

It will be a one-on-one #experience in a very unusual but GAS venue!
~More to be revealed soon!~


The performances will be short but intense!
Cut straight to it I say! With a range of characters! 

There will be a gift shop at the end, just like you've been to Disneyland.

With prints of the characters, zines, combs and hairbrushes,meditations, ORT.


It'll be turbo up close and personal with thee ORTIST!

If funded, the money will pay for:
Construction of stage, for an up close and personal, one on one show!
Costume and props (primarily wigs!)
Transport - bringing stage to/ from venue
Insurance.Fund it commission 
Gift shop merchandise - Primarily production of prints and zines and then a few limited edition hand-painted hair brushes. (more will be revealed as to whyyyyY) Wigs. Pocket mirrors.

Created + performed by myself, Sarah Devereux
Stage created by stage designer/carpenter Sara Murphy.

I'm crowdfunding for this personal project to be able to match up to the dream vision in my noggin' and wish to make sure this production is the best it can possibly be with your help for its run in September and hopefully beyond!! Including the ability to expand into getting more performers on board in the future!

I would be extremely grateful if you would consider giving me some support. I'm very excited about this project and would love to see it through to the best of my ability with your financial support!
Thank you for reading this! And keep your eyes peeled for more info! xoxo

*please note, this will be nothing like Disneyland 



74% !!!WOW!

Super excited tobe a mere 1% away form being 3/4s of theway there! AND ACCORDING TO SCIENCE: that's a large chunk!!




Thank you to all who have donated and shared so far!

I'm going to do my thank you's on my instagram stories tonight and tomorrow (mon and tues 8/9th) so head over to instagram.com/thedirtbird to listen to the sweet words "thank you" followed by your name xoxoxoxoxoxooxxoox woo!!! :) :) :)

Instagram @thedirtbird

Hello! I will be posting artwork I've created over the years onto my Instagram over the next two weeks! So head over to check them out to get a more rounded view of what sort of things have led to this moment! I have a fine art backo, but it has developed into many avenues from design to comedy to radio etc 


Many of these artworkzz can be seen at www.cargocollective.com/sarahdevereux




= for all your instagramzzz needs! Check it out for a constant stream of thought from my brain gutter. Often postig stories of lil' weirdo characters and images of my art and performances! 


= to check out my design work of merchandise that is extrememly tacky and colouful!!


=my ORT-ORT website with previous exhibitions ,most recently my solo show last year "Fun-erable"


check out to keep an eye on the wild performance night I am co-creator of!

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