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100 Percent Cork Theatre Project

By Tom Creed


100% Cork is a remarkable documentary theatre project by world-famous German theatre company Rimini Protokoll and Irish theatre director Una McKevitt. You might have experienced Rimini Protokoll’s unique blend of documentary theatre at Dublin Theatre Festival or Cork Midsummer Festival, or been charmed and moved by Una McKevitt’s hit shows Victor and Gord, The Big Deal or Singlehood.

It’s one of the most ambitious things I’ve ever been involved with, and I’m massively proud that it’s part of my second edition of Cork Midsummer Festival. Rimini Protokoll have created versions of the 100% project all over the world, and I’m delighted that we’re presenting it in Ireland for the first time.

Every day since the beginning of March, an extraordinary ordinary Cork person has been featured in the Evening Echo. There are 100 of them altogether, and these 100 people represent a cross-section of the population of the city, broken down by age, gender, marital status, nationality and where they live, based on the 2011 census. There are small children, and people who have made a massive contribution to the city over their long lives. Many of them are pure Cork, like, but there are also new arrivals from all over the world. Together, they make up 100% of who we are today.

For three days at the end of June, these 100 people will take to the stage of Cork Opera House as a part of this year's Cork Midsummer Festival. They will share their stories, what they believe and how they live their lives, and create a live three-dimensional portrait of Cork city and its people. It really is a once in a lifetime theatre event, and we’re now trying to raise the last €5,000 to make it the best it can be.

This last €5,000 will make sure we can realise the spectacular set, video and lighting design, as well as giving the 100 participants the best experience we can, making sure we can bring the older people home safely after the performances, and providing refreshments and activities for the young children during the intense rehearsal process.

Have a look at the video on the left to see how 100% Melbourne turned out. And please pledge what you can. We will lavish you with gratitude and rewards, and you can play your part in supporting one of the most unforgettable events of the summer.



Final Moments

Hi there, We're in the last half hour of our Fund It campaign for 100% Cork and I wanted to write personally and thank you for your contribution. In a time when money is tighter than ever, your support for ambitious arts events like this one is truly inspiring. Thanks to a few generous friends and sponsors who have stepped in at the last minute, we'll be able to get the campaign over the line, and I look forward to welcoming you to the show in June and to being in touch again soon about your Fund It rewards. With gratitude and best wishes, Tom Creed Festival Director Cork MIdsummer Festival

Win 2 Free Tickets to see Mick Flannery!

Time is running short to reach our goal of €5,000 for 100% Cork. So I'm going to make donating a little sweeter. In addition to the listed rewards, every non-anonymous donation will be entered into a raffle to win 2 tickets to see Mick Flannery live at Cork City Hall on 21 June for the Cork Midsummer Festival!

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