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By Sinead McNally


10,000 is the title of my debut EP, which will be officially released to the public on August 10th. I had a very exciting first year in the music industry, releasing my first three singles and the support and response in Ireland and abroad was incredible. Now I really hope to make 2012 a year to truly celebrate with 10,000. I believe that independent artists and bands can make very special things happen in their careers and with your support, we can make this EP count.

Since January this year, I have been working very hard on creating something fresh, something unique and ’10,000’ came to be after I read a quote by Thomas Edison “I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” I have learned that making a career in the music industry alone is probably one of the toughest career choices to pursue and you have to constantly think outside the box. I got my head around the fact that it may take 10,000 different ways of experimenting with different things before it all falls into place. Thomas Edison's attitude and commitment to finding solutions just fits the bill for this project!

So I have created an experiment of my own! I have three months to bring my EP to the attention of 10,000 people! In that experiment are 10 smaller ones and each experiment amounts to 1,000 people. My first experiment is to make 1,000 sales of the EP through a combination of pre-orders and downloads. All you have to do is pre-order the EP here now for just €5 to become one of those 1,000 sales. It's that simple! Everyone who orders it in advance will have their name printed on the EP packaging as a thank you. All the names will be sent to the CD manufacturers and will become part of a piece of history in my music career! However, there is a limited time to pre-order so please do so now so that you don't miss out on the opportunity.

If you want to contribute more to the project (every little bit helps as you know), you can do so by choosing one of the other rewards I have made available on Fund it for amounts up to €50. You will receive limited edition gifts and a lot of gratitude from me!

I really believe we can make something special happen. Here's to 10,000 and the possibilities it brings!





You can find out more and read regular posts on the progress of the 10,000 project here www.10000ep.blogspot.ie Thank You x

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