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14th International Tango Fest in Ireland

By Tango Festival Team


Argentinian Tango is a social dance that has gained huge popularity in the past few years. It is now danced by millions around the world! It is a universal language that unites people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

The Tango Festival in Ireland started in 2002 in Dublin as a one-day event. It has now reached its 14th edition, runs over a weekend and attracts visitors from around Ireland and overseas. In 2016 the Festival will take place in Dublin on 15-17 July.

The Tango Festival is a celebration of culture, dance and music. It is an open event and members of the public are invited to participate. Activities suit all ages and tastes and include:
-dance classes with world renowned guest teachers
-tango social nights
-performances with guests artists
-food tasting
-walking tour and other cultural events

We often collaborate with other communities to ensure we offer something new and exciting every year. 

To all of us the Festival is more than just an artistic showcase: it is a community event that brings together people from at least 30 different nationalities (name a country..we have it!) and from all age groups (from 20 to 90 years old, all age groups are represented on the dance floor!).
A perfect example of diversity, integration and community spirit.

The Festival Team is made up entirely of volunteers, who come from the Tango community, have participated to previous editions of the Festival and know what is involved in planning and putting the programme together. The volunteers have different but complementary skills that are required to organize an event of this kind. The Team coordinator has 14 years of experience in organizing events of this kind.

Why we need your help

The costs of putting the Festival together are high, even though we work on a tight budget. Venue rental, artists fees, flights, catering, sound and lighting, printing, administration, etc. all have a cost.

Currently, we do not have a regular funding body or sponsor. Part of the costs are covered by charging a very reasonable entrance fee for some of the events. The Festival has always been well attended over the years, which helped cover most of the costs through tickets sale. 

However, the venue rental and flight costs have increased substantially this year. And we thought Fundit would be a great way to help us raise money to cover these additional costs. This will ensure the Festival stays affordable for more people without comprimising the quality of the event.We welcome any contribution, no matter how big or small (even €5 can go a long way at our Festival!).

We have arranged some amazing rewards to thank you for your support: Tango classes, a dinner with the Tango celebrities, tickets for two for the main Festival night and more. We know how to show gratitude!
The Festival Team and community thank you all in advance for your generosity and hope to meet you at the Festival in July!



Thank you!

Thanks so much to those who have generously donated so far! Thank you for supporting community spirit and diversity. We are working hard to raise more funds and reach our target..only few days left! Help us spread the word! The Festival Team

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