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2 artists projects at Pallas Projects.

By Mark Cullen


Pallas would like to support the production of two new projects by artists Carol Anne Connolly and Cliona Harmey with accompanying exhibitions, workshops and performances in October 2013 and January 2014.

Carol Anne Connolly ‘For I Is Someone Else’

'For I is Someone Else' is a multi-faceted exhibition focusing on the politics of influence and appropriation in music, which looks looks at how the practices of creative adoption and sharing, and indeed the notions of 'author,' have developed over time, particularly within an increasingly techno-political arena. The concepts within this body of work has lead to a series of collaborations, performative actions and events that will take place in during the show Pallas Projects/Studios, which  expand upon the intricacies of the conflict between copyright law and appropriation, delve into the growth of sharing and investigate the history of authorial structures.

Cliona Harmey ‘Tropospheric’

A series of systems based sculptural works amplifying and highlighting visible and invisible spatial, broadcast and environmental phenomena (light, weather, magnetic fields etc). The Troposphere is the the level of the earths atmosphere closest to us. Working on location at PP/S, she will make works which use both interior and exterior space. She is particularly interested in making work at the intersection of sculpture and DIY/enthusiast electronics /broadcast. Her project will also include workshops and fieldwork elements.

Project Space at PP/S

The Project Space at PP/S is an open, accessible space that bridges studio and exhibition practice. It features throughout the year, internally-curated long-run projects, talks and events, alongside short-run artist-initiated projects, workshops, performances or large-scale studio use.

The Project Space is intended to allow access for individuals and groups working at a high standard within contemporary visual art to experiment with presenting their work and engage with audiences; to work in the context of a space with a dedicated tradition – ongoing over a seventeen year period – towards do-it-yourself initiatives and the professional development of emerging artists.

Pallas Projects/Studios (founded 1996) is an artist-run, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the facilitation of artistic production and discourse, via the provision of affordable artists studios in the city centre, and curated projects.

With projects and collaborators numbering well into the hundreds, PP/S has exhibited projects and performances by emerging and established, Irish and international artists – often at key moments in their careers – such as Sarah Browne & Gareth Kennedy, Garrett Phelan, Alicia Frankovich, Clodagh Emoe, Nina Canell, Manon De Boer, Jesse Jones, Gereon Krebber, Niamh McCann, Nathaniel Mellors, Ruth Clinton & Niamh Moriarty, John Smith, Ciaran Walsh, Stephanie Syjuco, Hito Steyerl, and Mark Titchner.

Now relocated to a long–term studio & project space in The Coombe. Our new complex is an open space dedicated to the making and showing of visual art to a wide and diverse audience. Through our exhibitions, talks and tours, all are welcome and encouraged to engage with our programme of contemporary art and artist­–led practices.

All money raised will be used to pay for artists fees, publicity and general production costs.