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2ha - an archizine for the suburbs

By Michael Hayes


We are a group of recent architecture graduates with an interest and experience in publishing.

Our foundation is architectural.
Our methodology investigative.
Our results, unknown.

The Magazine
2ha is a proposal for a small, independent magazine interested in the suburbs.

We plan to publish on a bimonthly basis over a year-long period, each issue exploring the notion of the suburb and its relationship to a particular field of study. We provisionally propose the following outline of themes and publications:

#1 - Suburbia + Mapping
#2 - Suburbia + Photography
#3 - Suburbia + Public Space
#4 - Suburbia + History
#5 - Suburbia + Language
#6 - Suburbia + Typology

Within the confines of these general themes a system of analysis can be applied. 

An issue might begin with an introduction to the topic, including a selection of essays/drawings/mapping/research/doodles that approach the subject from a more universal perspective. In addition, the importance of field work and case studies will be acknowledged, with each magazine grounded in a particular time and place.

Our territory is local. 
It’s where we live and work and shop.
It provides the built fabric and daily routine of suburban life.
It offers a cultural landscape worthy of investigation.

The outcome of the project will be six unique publications which may exist independently or be read as a single body of investigation. The work will incorporate a wide range of techniques and disciplines all focused towards developing an understanding of the places and people that make up the Irish suburban condition.

Our aim is to produce high quality work that explores both analytically and creatively the particularity of Dublin's suburbs and to disseminate this knowledge in order to encourage a culture that recognises the realities while envisioning the possibilities of suburban life.

The money raised will go towards a print run of 1000 copies of the first issue. Each of these will be sold and the profits generated will provide funding for a print run of issue 2, and so on and so forth. In this way, the magazine becomes a self-sustaining project that is generated by the work produced.

The Editor
2ha is led by myself, Michael Hayes. I'm a recent architecture graduate with an interest in publishing. My final year thesis was about an architecture for suburbia and a concern for valuing the ordinary. Previous experience includes running a writing and architecture workshop at the European Architecture Student Assembly (EASA) last summer. The final outcome was a book which may be viewed here: writingisbuilding.wordpress.com. Currently I'm a tutor and yearbook editor at UCD Architecture. I am also Editorial Assistant with Architecture Ireland (the RIAI Journal).

2ha is founded on a principle of open call for ideas and articles. If you'd like to contribute please contact me at editor@2ha.ie. See our website for further details: www.2ha.ie



2ha magazine / Fundit 2015 - last orders

This is it! We're less than 24 hours away from wrapping up our last ever Fundit campaign. We're excited, nervous and just that bit giddy about the thought of reaching our target and getting to work on the year ahead. But we're not there yet! Though we've been lucky enough to receive funding from many a generous supporter, we're still just that bit short of our final goal. So if you like what we do and would like to see us do a whole lot more of it, please visit our Fundit page and pick out whichever reward you prefer. Now is your chance to make possible a full programme of talks, tours, publications and general suburban good times! All the details about our plans for 2015/16, plus the many rewards on offer, can be found on our Fundit page, but should you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch via email, twitter or tumblr. We hope you'll be able to join us for our final year. Kind regards, Michael Hayes

2ha magazine - Fundit 2015

To all our funders, subscribers 'n suburbanistas, As you may have heard (it's all we talk about these days), 2ha magazine has returned to Fundit for our third and final time. In 2013, you helped get 2ha off the ground, providing us with the funding to start printing, writing and researching. In hindsight, we had no idea what we were doing – but you took a chance and look what happened! We've also been lucky enough to work with some great contributors and to have been supported by a number of public platforms. Without these individuals, we'd have had nothing to say and nowhere to say it. So we'd like to say thank you to everyone who's been involved with 2ha so far – whether you've written articles, purchased issues or just told your friends how awesome we are :) Okay, that's the tear-jerker bit over, now here's the really good news... For our final year, we're planning an extravaganza of suburban good times: We have 4 new editions of 2ha magazine in the works. Our outline of themes and publications includes: #11 suburbia + failure #12 suburbia + power #13 suburbia + boundary #14 suburbia + mapping We have 3 talks, currently being organised and starting in September of this year. Each event will be conceived as a 'live magazine' with four contributors – one each from the world of architecture, academia, art and writing – detailing the ordinary architecture and everyday icons that shape Irish life. This is a new platform for us and by trying this alternative format we hope to spread the suburban joy to an even wider audience. Plus, there'll be free beer and pizza... We have 2 suburban cycling tours organised as part of Open House Dublin – one in the north and the other in the south side of the city, with specially designed maps of each for everyone who takes part. And finally, we have 1 great, big launch party planned to say thanks to everyone who's supported this project and who've made this entire programme possible. So if that sounds good to you, and you'd like to get involved by helping to make all this possible, then please visit our Fundit page at http://fundit.ie/project/2ha-magazine-volume-3. We have a wide range of rewards available, including annual subscriptions, exclusive membership privileges, one-of-a-kind posters and specially designed tote bags, as well as a complete set of back issues for anyone looking to complete their 2ha collection. Looking forward to the year ahead. Best, Michael Hayes ps. Apologies for any cross-posting. These messages are sent via Fundit to all our previous funders and as many of you have supported each of our previous campaigns there may be a doubling up in terms of emails.

The 2ha Fundit Campaign 2014_Week 1

To all our funders, subscribers 'n architecture nerds, 2ha magazine has been on Fundit for 1 week and already we've hit 34% of our target. This is a few days ahead of what we expected, so many thanks to all of you who have signed up for rewards so far. (we're a lot less edgy thanks to you!) For those of you still in the market for a quarterly publication exploring the phenomenon of the suburban condition... The good news is there's still rewards aplenty for you too. We're offering annual subscriptions, out-of-print issues, Suburban postcards, and specially commissioned illustrations - and they're all available from the following link: http://fundit.ie/project/2ha-is-a-magazine-interested-in-suburbia Thanks again for your support. Kind regards, Michael Hayes

The 2ha Fundit Campaign 2014 is now live

To all our funders, subscribers 'n suburbanistas, 2ha magazine has returned to Fundit! Last year, thanks to your help, we managed to raise enough money to publish our first #6 issues. Since then 2ha has developed as a project, having been selected to take part in the international, touring Archizines exhibition as well as the 100 Archive here in Ireland. We've presented and chatted about all things suburban at Body & Soul, Offset and TXFM, and hope that this conversation can continue to grow with your help. Over the next 12 months, we plan to produce four new editions, on a quarterly basis, in accordance with the following outline of themes and publications: #07 Suburbia + Cinema #08 Suburbia + Modernism #09 Suburbia + Sport #10 Suburbia + Capital For our second year of publishing we're planning on producing a bigger magazine with 50% more pages. We're also seeking out some new collaborations. For example, SET collective will be editing/designing a special pull-out supplement for issue #07, while Docomomo shall be handed the reigns for issue #08. In addition, we aim to develop a more global reach, and hope the range of our contributors shall reflect this. So if you've liked what we've out together so far (and we hope you have!) please support 2ha by visiting our Fundit page: http://fundit.ie/project/2ha-is-a-magazine-interested-in-suburbia. We've a whole range of new rewards on offer (fine purveyors of suburban merch that we are). Many thanks again for your continued support. Kind regards, Michael Hayes

2ha on RIAI website

In the last couple of days we've made a good jump up to 72%, so thanks very much to everyone for supporting! We expect some of that might be due to our recent mention in the news section of the RIAI website. Check out the following link to see what all the fuss is about... http://www.riai.ie/index.php/news/article/new_archizine_on_the_suburbs_2ha

Totally 2ha

2ha has been spreading its wings a bit recently. The zine has been recently featured in Totally Dublin. You can see the full article here.... http://totallydublin.ie/more/print/2ha/ We're also lucky enough to have been mentioned by I Like Local. You can all the info here... http://ilikelocal.blogspot.ie/2013/02/2ha-archizine-for-suburbs.html (with thanks to Aideen McCole). With over 60% funded and a week to go, we're within reach of making our target. So please keep spreading the word among friends, family and fellow suburbanites! And we'll have the first issues sent out within a matter of weeks :)

2ha on IAF website

2ha has been featured on the Irish Architecture Foundation website. Thumbs up all round! http://www.architecturefoundation.ie/news-item/2ha-archizine-on-fundit/

2ha shortlisted in IAF Archizines Competition

2ha first came about as an entry to the Irish Architecture Foundation's Archizines Competition. 2ha was shortlisted, along with two others and the overall winners. The magazine was on display in the NCAD Gallery until 11th January. For more information see http://www.architecturefoundation.ie/activities/archizines-winner-and-shortlist/

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