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2ha magazine: volume 3

By Michael Hayes


The Project
2ha is a magazine interested in the suburbs.

Since starting out (waaaay back in 2013) we've gathered together the research, writings and re-imaginings of many a suburban thinker. Our hope has been that, in bringing together this diverse body of work and sharing it publicly, we might get that bit closer to understanding the landscape of semi-ds, shopping centres and motorways which so many of us inhabit and yet which equally remains ignored or overlooked.

2ha is a quarterly publication which takes each issue as an opportunity to explore suburbia and its relationship to a particular theme. So far we've covered a diverse range of subjects, from photography, cinema and language to typology, modernism and public space.

In pursing these avenues of investigation, we hope that we've made some progress in figuring out what our suburban landscapes are all about; and though it feels like we're coming to the end of this project, we believe there's still a few more topics worthy of consideration.

With that in mind, we hope you'll join us for our third and final volume.
It's going to be our biggest year yet.

The Plan
For 2015, we have plans.
(did we mention they're BIG plans?)

We have 4 new editions of 2ha magazine in the works. Our outline of themes and publications includes:

#11 suburbia + failure
#12 suburbia + power
#13 suburbia + boundary
#14 suburbia + mapping

We have 3 talks, currently being organised and starting in September of this year. Each event will be conceived as a 'live magazine' with four contributors – one each from the world of architecture, academia, art and writing – detailing the ordinary architecture and everyday icons that shape Irish life. This is a new platform for us and by trying this alternative format we hope to spread the suburban joy to an even wider audience. Plus, there'll be free beer and pizza...

We have 2 suburban cycling tours organised as part of Open House Dublin – one in the north and the other in the south side of the city, with specially designed maps of each for everyone who takes part.

And finally, we have 1 great, big launch party planned to say thanks to everyone who's supported this project and who've made this entire programme possible.

The Team
Michael Hayes is our editor. He is also the online editor of Architecture Ireland and Publications Officer for the Architectural Association of Ireland. Michael moonlights by day as an architect.

Rory Bradley is our designer. He studied Visual Communications at IADT and now works for Studio Aad.

Phoebe Brady is a UCD architecture graduate and former co-ordinating supremo with the Irish Architecture Foundation.

Ste Murray is our long-time collaborator. He has (among many other things) directed, filmed and edited our Fundit campaign video. Ste is a photographer and designer at ste.ie.

You can contact us by email at editor@2ha.ie, visit our website www.2ha.ie, and catch the latest suburban updates via tumblr or twitter: @2ha_magazine.